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Announcing 'Holodeck' the Official Secret Network Testnet

In this exciting announcement we cover Holodeck, its components and how developers can get started deploying secret contracts to the testnet. Like the Star Trek-inspired name the Holodeck testnet in...


Guide: How to Stake Secret ($SCRT) with + Demo Video

Learn more about a new option for staking your Secrets via using this full guide and demo video!

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SecretSCRT: How to Mint, Send, Receive, and Convert Privacy Tokens Using Keplr Wallet

In less than sixty seconds, you can start minting and sending your own privacy-preserving Secret Tokens on Secret Network. Check out these written and video guides to using Keplr Wallet with secretSC...


Ocean and Secret: Collaborating on Access Control and Private Compute for datatokens

Introducing a new collaboration between Ocean Protocol and Secret Network that will provide trustless and convenient access control for Ocean datatokens as well as decentralized private compute via S...


Secret Bids: Trust-Minimized Auction Contracts

Follow this detailed walkthrough by one of our dev committee leaders, Baedrik, who explains the ins and outs of a unique bidding mechanism that introduces new opportunities for all kinds of content c...


Introducing The Puzzle Committee

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help shape Puzzle to meet the needs of the Secret Network as they evolve. Join the Puzzle Committee today!

announcement Overview: Secret Network

Secret Network ($SCRT) Is Now Integrated To Citadel.One! Read our comprehensive overview of features available for SCRT holders.


Secret Network Ecosystem Update: October 2020

Read a comprehensive update on what is happening across the Secret Network ecosystem, including product and technical updates, 5 episodes of Sharing Secrets, potential community-spend proposals, and ...


Secret NFTs: Privacy for Verifiable Goods and Experiences

Read about non-fungible Secret Tokens, which enable verifiable representation of unique items and events, such that ownership and transactions are private by default.


SecretSCRT: Privacy Tokens are Live on Mainnet!

Combining the programmability of ERC-20s with the privacy of Zcash or Monero, "Secret Tokens" unlock important use cases and create new value. The first Secret Token is now live on our mainnet!