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Secret Network Ecosystem Update: September 2020

In September, our big mainnet upgrade brought secret contracts to life! Here's everything Secret from September, including the first exchange listing (Binance), new staking opportunities, and a roadmap for private and fair universal finance!


Secret Markets: Front Running Prevention for Automated Market Makers

Learn how constant function market makers powered by "secret contracts" on Secret Network can address privacy and usability challenges for decentralized exchanges like Uniswap 🦄


Secret Network Gets a Secret API!

Chain of Secrets just launched the Secret API for Secret Network as part of our developer community on-boarding efforts. We hope to connect and collaborate with all kinds of secret app builders!


Secret Raffle: Enter to Win Secrets by Using Keplr Wallet!

Want to have your own Secrets? Take just a few minutes to install the Keplr Wallet and you could win SCRT in a Secret Raffle!


Staking Secrets: A Living Guide to Staking and Delegating SCRT

Staking SCRT helps secure our network and lets you participate in community governance. With rewards currently above 30% annually, now is a great time to learn how to stake your secrets!


SCRT 2020: Our Secret Vision for Universal Finance

Learn about some of the critical applications being built on Secret Network - and how you can get involved. Help us drive adoption of decentralized finance with security, privacy, and fairness!


Secret Committees: Empowering Secret Agents

Learn how to get involved and earn rewards by participating in our ecosystem. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join a committee (or all of them) and help us create a better internet!


Upgrade Complete: Secret Contracts are LIVE on Mainnet!

The secret is out! Privacy-preserving smart contracts are now LIVE on Secret Network. Learn about this launch, our exciting initial apps, our new strategic partnership with Hashed, and what comes next as "programmable privacy" comes to public blockchains.


SecretWasm: Decentralized, Private Computation for Secret Apps

Learn how Secret Network enables privacy-preserving, CosmWasm-based smart contracts by reading about the Enigma dev team's collaboration with Confio.

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Secret Vaults: Programmable Access Control

The generalized Secret Vault contract gives developers tremendous power to build many useful access control solutions, including content monetization, key management, and overall protection for digital rights!


Secret Network Ecosystem Update: August 2020

As we prepare to launch Secret Contracts on mainnet, here is an update on the Secret Games testnet, Keplr wallet support for Secret Tokens, WIP applications, new videos, and community projects organized by our committees!


How To Build Secret Apps: An Evolving Development Guide

This walkthrough includes a tutorial for deploying and instantiating your first Secret Contract, along with a demo application, Secret Voting!


Secret Staking Derivatives: Liquidity Meets Privacy

Staking derivatives unlock liquidity for DeFi while keeping networks secure. Now with Secret Network, they can also protect your privacy.


The Secret is Out: Announcing the Secret Contracts Mainnet!

After years of development and two successful public testnets, we’re ready to bring secret contracts to life, making Secret Network the first privacy-preserving blockchain of its kind.


Secret Games Update: Incentivized Testnet Phase 2

An update on our Phase 2 incentivized testnet as we pass the halfway point, including some stats, some quotes, and some fun with Secret Tokens and Secret Hold 'Em!


Secret Tokens: Programmable Privacy for DeFi

How Secret Network can create network effects for privacy, providing the missing piece for DeFi mass adoption.


Secret Network Ecosystem Update: July 2020

An update on the successful deployment of secret contracts on public testnet, new applications built in internal and external hackathons, new wallet support, and more!


Secret Mission: Design Challenge

Make art, earn secrets. Help us develop the visual identity and educational content for Secret Network!


Secret Games Update: Incentivized Testnet Phase 1

Come meet the invited participants for Phase 1 of the Secret Network incentivized testnet, starting July 20th. Next up: Phase 2, open to all!


Programmable Privacy: Turning Smart Contracts into Secret Contracts

How giving full control of data privacy (and transparency) to end users and developers, instead of data monopolies, unlocks the true value of the decentralized web.


Enigma Development Update: June 2020

Learn more about our successful completion of our last "secret contracts" milestone, SafeTrace progress, and the upcoming launch of the first secret contracts testnet!