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Revealing Shinobi: Bridging Bitcoin to Secret Network

Announcing the testnet launch of Shinobi: a new protocol for bridging Bitcoin and Secret Network. Learn more about Shinobi and the arrival of Secret Bitcoin (sBTC)!


Revealing the Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap!

For the first time, we're ready to reveal the current Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap, featuring some never-before-seen products from over 20 teams and individuals supporting our network!


Secret Network Ecosystem Update: August 2021

August saw the announcement of Supernova - the first major mainnet upgrade since the launch of Secret Contracts in September 2020, bringing IBC compatibility and more. Plus: Secret Monero Bridge on m...


Supernova Milestone #1: Complete

Supernova Milestone #1 development is complete - and the Supernova public testnet is officially live! Learn about Milestone #2 and our path towards this explosive upgrade.


Secret Grant #4: Altermail, A Decentralized Messaging Service dApp on Secret Network

Altermail, a private and decentralized messaging dApp built on Secret Network is going live soon! Come learn how to use this groundbreaking technology to preserve your privacy.


Band Protocol Live on Mainnet!

Secret Network has completed the implementation of Band Protocol to bring decentralized and scalable cross-chain oracles to Secret - with support and documentation officially live!


Supernova: An Explosive Vision for the Future of Secret Network

Supernova - our first major mainnet upgrade since Secret Contracts launched in September 2020 - is nearly here. Learn how this achievement will bring new interoperability and cement Secret Network as...


Secret Monero Bridge is Live on Mainnet!

The Secret Monero Bridge has launched on mainnet! Come learn how to use the Secret Monero Bridge to move assets between the Secret and Monero ecosystems and start using Secret DeFi.


Secret Network Ecosystem Update: July 2021

July saw the launch of the world's first truly private on-chain voting application (governing SecretSwap), a successful IBC signaling proposal, the launch of the Secret Code Podcast, and much more!