Introducing Secret Network

Secret Network
May 26, 2020

In February 2020, over 20 independent validators launched a new blockchain that at the time was known as the Enigma mainnet blockchain. This mainnet is a proof-of-stake-based blockchain based on Cosmos SDK / Tendermint and secured by a new native coin, Secret (SCRT). The collective vision for this blockchain was to create a privacy-first chain that would allow smart contracts to utilize private and sensitive data. The network would utilize privacy technologies that could enable secure computation over encrypted data.

For the past three months, even more validators have joined to help support and secure Secret Network, in addition to multiple contributors building network tooling, core protocol functionality, and much more.

Recently, a proposal was made utilizing on-chain governance to establish a clear brand for this network that would both reflect the name of the chain’s native coin as well as the network’s decentralized governance and broad community support.

This proposal passed with unanimous approval on May 17th, 2020. 

The community is now ready – and proud – to introduce Secret Network: the same mainnet blockchain that has been in active use since February, but with a new name, new web properties, and new ways to get involved in the ecosystem.

Secret Network is an open-source network that protects data (and secrets) for users of decentralized applications (Secret Apps). It is the result of the collective and committed effort of its community and key contributors, including Enigma,, Chain Of Secrets, and many others.

Read on to see what’s new and how you can contribute to Secret Network.

Secret Network – Bringing Privacy to Blockchains, Smart Contracts & Web3
Secret Network is the first blockchain with data privacy by default, allowing you to build and use applications that are both permissionless and privacy-preserving.

Secret Network

The branding of “Secret Network” follows the name of its native coin (Secret, SCRT) as well as existing concepts in the ecosystem such as secret nodes, secret contracts, and Secret Apps.

Secret Network now has its own community-maintained website:

In addition, the following properties have been established:

Secret Network Official Blog created with Ghost, what you’re reading now!

Secret Network Official Chats

Discord | Telegram

Secret Network Official Forum— the existing forum has migrated!

Secret Network Documentation — hosted on GitHub, for devs and validators

Secret Network Official Twitter

Secret Network Telegram Announcements

More community-maintained channels and resources will be established over the coming weeks and months as the Secret Network community grows. There will be plenty of opportunities to contribute! There are also a few announcements upcoming as well that will help shed some light on the path forward…

For now, please join the above communities to stay up to date on all Secret Network progress from our community and key contributors.

Secret (SCRT)

The native coin of Secret Network, Secret (SCRT) is denoted by this symbol, 𝕊, enclosed inside a circle. The Secret 𝕊 evokes a flowing network and the duality of secrets: privacy and transparency.

The ends of the 𝕊 are open, allowing data to flow in and out freely. The interior of the 𝕊 is private, an enclave that encloses the activity of the network itself.

The overall shape of the S is reminiscent of a yin-yang, again reflecting the many dualities of a privacy-preserving public network — a highly complex technology that exists to protect deeply human values.

SCRT has been used for staking and governance since the inception of the network in February, with multiple proposals passing successfully (including the rebranding proposal that prompted this announcement). Two active community-maintained block explorers are below, with more in development!

For those interested in Secret wallets, there is already wallet support for SCRT on Ledger S (and X) as well as from Math Wallet. Stay tuned as additional support is developed — and if you’re interested in helping build out wallet support for the ecosystem, post on the Secret Network forum!

Incentivized Testnet and the Secret Games

As development work for Secret Network continues at its fastest pace, we are drawing ever closer to introducing secret contract functionality to the network. After this point, validators on Secret Network will be known as Secret Nodes, where the data being processed will be kept encrypted and secret even from the node itself.

We are intending to conduct an incentivized testnet for Secret Network where validators can help test this new functionality and be rewarded for their efforts. This first iteration of secret contracts utilizes Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to keep data private and secure. This means that for the testnet, validators will need to run an SGX-enabled computer or utilize an SGX-enabled cloud operator. For a detailed list of SGX enabled hardware and cloud options, please visit this link.

There will be many more details shared shortly about the incentivized testnet, but for now we’re happy to share with you this brief interest form (which was also circulated previously). There’re a couple of questions about your experience with operating nodes or validators for other projects. Please fill this form out, and someone will be in contact with you directly.

But that’s not all! Even if you’re not interested in operating nodes on Secret Network, there will also be opportunities for developers, artists, writers, and other community members as part of a broader initiative that we’re calling the Secret Games. Stay tuned to the Secret Network channels for more information. The Games may have already started…

What should I do now?

We’d love to have you working alongside us as we expand the Secret Network and its community! Privacy has never been more essential to the blockchain space or to our world at large. Together we can build new types of groundbreaking applications and unlock substantial value while protecting users and their data.

Validators: fill out the testnet interest form! But also remember that the Secret Network mainnet has been active since February 2020. You can already get started running your own node today (with no SGX required). Check out the current validator documentation here, or come talk with community support on the Discord or forum.

Developers: come check out the Secret Network documentation and give us your feedback. Go through our latest developer walkthrough. Ask all your questions about the Secret Network project and protocol on the developers forum. Share your ideas on killer privacy-first applications. Stay tuned for news about grants and funding that could be available to help you make your ideas into reality!

Community: join all the channels listed above (especially the Discord and the forum) and get excited for the Secret Games! Artists and game designers in particular: definitely join the Discord today and connect with us to learn how you can get involved in the early stages of the Secret Games! Writers: the same! There will be a lot of opportunities to work with us to produce educational materials around Secret Network, privacy, and more. Join us early and be rewarded.

There will be more updates soon around Secret Games, technical progress, and other important community news. Please continue to follow all the new Secret Network channels to make sure you don’t miss anything exciting…

Onwards and upwards!