Powering Web3 Privacy

Secret Network is the first mainnet blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts, launched in 2020. This makes it possible to build apps that are decentralized and permissionless—yet private.


Why we need privacy

Ethereum’s big innovation was to put smart contracts on the blockchain: pieces of code that execute automatically once pre-set conditions are met. This made it possible to not only create decentralized payment systems like Bitcoin, but also decentralized applications.

However, most blockchains are public by default . All transactions and smart contract interactions can be looked up by anyone. And for some applications and use cases, this isn’t an option. Like when sharing sensitive health data with your doctor, or financial details with your accountant.


The possibilities Secret Contracts unlock

Secret’s smart contracts e.g. “Secret Contracts” are private-by-default. Input, output, and state are encrypted and can’t be viewed by others, unless they’re given access. This opens up use cases that aren’t possible on public-by-default blockchains.


Hold and use your tokens in privacy

With Secret Bridges and the SNIP-20 standard you can bridge over and make any token privacy-preserving. Once your tokens are Secret, balances, transaction details, and token metadata can only be accessed with a viewing key.


Stay safe while spending, saving, and trading

DeFi apps built with Secret’s privacy-preserving smart contracts provide MEV-resistance by default and protect its users from hackers and front-runners. This includes exchanges, market makers, lending protocols, and more.


Fully own all of your creative work

With Secret NFTs’ private metadata and ownership, creators can control who can access their content and in what way, protect the identity of their fans, and create art and entertainment not possible elsewhere.


Design & play with true randomness

With Secret NFTs, game designers can build in true randomness without having to move off-chain. This powers real competitive gaming—instead of a game of chain analysis—and opens up a world of new design possibilities.


How Secret Contracts work

Secret Network is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts. This makes it possible to build apps that are decentralized and permissionless—yet private.

TEEs for computing over encrypted data

Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) function like a "black box" for data processing, and enable nodes to verify transactions within a block without accessing data that’s inside. Every validator on Secret Network runs their code inside a TEE so no one—not even the nodes operating on the network—can access the information being decrypted and processed.

Viewing keys for access control

Since data is encrypted and private by default, Secret Network users have viewing keys to access their sensitive data. Viewing keys can be shared with third parties like auditors, wallets, and explorers. They allow users to maintain control over their data and decide what is shared—and with who.


Building to become the Web3 privacy hub

How we’re optimizing for interoperability, scalability, and decentralization.

Cosmos IBC-enabled

Secret Network is built using CosmWasm, enabling it to run on multiple chains using IBC and interact with the Cosmos ecosystem.

Private data, public ledger

While data is private, Secret’s code and native coin (SCRT) are public—making it permissionless and providing complete auditability of the blockchain.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus

With DPoS, Secret can process close to 10,000 transactions per second with a block time of only 6-7 seconds. It makes the blockchain more environmentally friendly, and allows any token holder to participate in governance.

Independent consensus layer

With its own set of validators + requirements, Secret Network can optimize for privacy and performance, while maintaining the flexibility to upgrade and improve continuously.

Supported by

SCRT Labs is the driving force and the founding core development team behind Secret Network. Their mission is to create products and systems that accelerate the adoption of privacy-first, decentralized technologies.

Our Mission

A better internet starts with privacy

Blockchain technology is our chance to create a more inclusive and democratic internet. But today, blockchains expose their users’ data to all, and are too risky to use for everything—blocking the widespread adoption of the decentralized web. Our mission is to fix this by giving everyone the freedom to choose what they share.

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