Secret DApps

View the full list of privacy-preserving dApps live and running on Secret Network across finance, gaming, and access control—to name just a few.



A protocol to secure health and life science data.


Interactive NFT marketplace with secret auctions and customizable access control.


A private and secure messaging app that protects your data and identity when communicating online.


A community-driven, privacy-preserving store of value token built on Secret Network.


A shedding card game that uses Secret VRF as its source of randomness.


A competitive third-person shooter that blurs the lines between traditional games, web3 gaming, and esports.

Button Swap

A DEX aggregator, giving you the most optimal swap routes across Secret Network DEXs.


Revolutionizing official document distribution, verification and publication through Secret NFTs.


Citadel.One’s wallet simplifies staking, shows a transaction history, and other tools to get more out of your crypto.

Confidential Document Share

An SDK enabling cross-chain encrypted document sharing.


Track staking rewards, view your history, and transact via Keplr on a variety of Cosmos-based blockchains.

Data Vault

The world’s first decentralized privacy-preserving content management and data exchange protocol.


The first content-protected marketplace for utility-backed music NFTs.

Fina Card

Fina VISA prepaid card allows you to connect with any wallet, top up with any cryptocurrency, through any crypto network.

Fina Wallet

The first mobile Secret wallet with dApp integration.


Building DAO tech for easy integration by Web3 projects.

Keplr Wallet

The interchain wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Leap Wallet

A wallet supporting many Cosmos chains, supporting both desktop and mobile devices.


A block explorer for the Cosmos ecosystem, developed by Cosmostation.


Provides convenient user account solutions for web3 and traditional enterprises who offer non-custodial web3 products to their users.

Omniflix inSync

A staking and governance dashboard.


Revolutionizing the literary economy with NFT Books.


A fair token launch platform, with built-in swapping and DEX deployment functionality.

PriFi Labs

PriFi Labs experiments and designs trustless solutions to help businesses and users to have enhanced protection in Web3.


Next-gen custody, trading and risk infrastructure for institutional CeDeFi and enterprise digital asset operations


Private polling for Farcaster, a decentralized social network built on Ethereum.

Reclaim Protocol

Reclaim lets users transfer their online identity and reputation from any website to yours.


Auto-compound staking rewards from many different Cosmos chains.

Satoshi’s Palace

A privacy-preserving decentralized casino, featuring multiple classic games.

Secret Bridges

Bridge assets from IBC, EVM, and other ecosystems to Secret.

Secret Dashboard

An interface providing access to essential Secret Network functions and data.

Secret Ledger App

A custom app for using Secret on Ledger devices.

Secret Tokens

Bridge tokens into Secret from other networks, turning them into privacy-preserving Secret tokens.

Serenity Shield

A tool for backing up your seed phrase and other sensitive data, allowing recovery in an emergency event.

Shade Protocol

An array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network.


Stake Secret NFTs and Earn Rewards

SNIP-20 Transfer History

View the transfer history of secret tokens in your wallet.

Starshell Wallet

A privacy-preserving, free, and open-source Web3 wallet built for Secret Network and the Cosmos ecosystem.


Mint, buy, and trade the first NFTs with native privacy and access control, known as Secret NFTs.


Swap, stake, and deposit crypto assets on any protocol on any blockchain, including Secret Network.


A platform for startups and investors that transforms startup transparency, visibility, portfolio management, and due diligence with cutting-edge blockchain and AI technologies.

Testnet Faucet

Get some testnet SCRT for gas fees and start developing on Secret!

Transaction Decrypter

Decrypt your Secret Network transactions. View inputs and outputs.


Send encrypted messages to any Cosmos based wallet address


A gateway to future IDO’s of tech startups, fueled by secret tokens.

Secret dApps are made with Secret Contracts, private smart contracts that encrypt data by default, protecting its user’s data and assets.

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