Want to build a better internet? Solve for privacy.

Secret Network is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts. That means applications built on Secret can utilize encrypted data without revealing it to anyone, even the nodes in the network. For the first time, Secret Network allows developers to build powerful, permissionless, privacy-preserving applications - Secret Apps.

Blockchains are public by default. That means that all the data used in smart contracts is exposed to everyone. For blockchain technology to achieve global adoption, users and organizations need control over how their data is used – they can’t just expose it to everyone. Secret Network solves the problem of privacy, helping to secure and scale the decentralized web.

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SecretSCRT: Privacy Tokens are Live on Mainnet!

Combining the programmability of ERC-20s with the privacy of Zcash or Monero, "Secret Tokens" unlock important use cases and create new value. The first Secret Token is now live on our mainnet!


Secret Ethereum Bridge: Programmable Privacy for Ethereum and ERC-20s

The Secret Network / Ethereum Bridge is now live on testnet, bringing privacy to Ethereum assets at ¼ the cost of Tornado Cash! Learn how it works and what’s next.


Secret Network Ecosystem Update: September 2020

In September, our big mainnet upgrade brought secret contracts to life! Here's everything Secret from September, including the first exchange listing (Binance), new staking opportunities, and a roadm...