Announcing the SCRT Labs Grants Program Q1’24 Cohort

Announcing the winning grant recipients of the SCRT Labs Grants Program Q1'24 Cohort

Secret Network
January 19, 2024

Last month, we relaunched the SCRT Labs Grants Program, designed to provide projects building on Secret Network with dedicated financial, technical, and marketing support. This new program operates on a quarterly basis, with the goal of offering focused support to a small number of projects each annual quarter.

Over the six weeks since that announcement, we’ve received 20+ grant applications. We’ve put a lot of time into meeting with these project teams, discussing milestones, and brainstorming potential solutions. In the end, it was a difficult decision, but we narrowed it down to 5 teams working on 4 different projects.

Today, we’re excited to reveal the projects that have been selected for the SCRT Labs Grants Program Q1’24 cohort!

Q1’24 Cohort Projects

PageDao / FiftyWei

This project is a combination of two separate grant submissions. We realized that what these teams were trying to build had some overlap, and that by working together they could better achieve their goals. The FiftyWei team aims to create a robust mechanism for securely sharing confidential documents on a blockchain with specific recipients. The PageDao team aims to create a dApp that will enable a user to own published content assets and transact with those assets on public EVM-based blockchains using Secret Network.

Reclaim Protocol

Reclaim Protocol makes web2 traffic verifiable using zero-knowledge proofs, enabling users to generate verifiable credentials from any of their online user profiles. These proofs can then be  used in web3 applications, and no additional APIs or website modifications are required.

This project is already fully developed and launched, and this grant will fund the integration of Reclaim Protocol with Secret Network.


The dCasino team is building a decentralized, privacy-preserving casino platform on Secret Network. Users will be able to connect their wallets to the platform, onboard and cash in tokens, play casino games seamlessly with their tokens, then cash out again. The dCasino team intends for this platform to be compliant in line with appropriate gambling, crypto, and gaming regulations, especially concerning European Union laws. This grant will fund the development of two initial games, video poker and blackjack, with additional games such as Texas hold ’emcrash, and roulette planned for the future.


GOV.DAO intends to build private governance tooling for EVM chains. The GOV.DAO team is a collective of professionals providing borderless advisory and development services to Web3 clients, including to the wider GOV.DAO project. Their services include the structuring and creation of DAOs on various platforms, and the goal of this grant is to integrate Secret’s Privacy as a Service capabilities into the EVM DAO platforms they currently support.

What’s next?

Development is now underway on these projects. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing dedicated support to these teams to maximize their chances of success. We’ll also be providing updates on their progress.

In about out 6 weeks from now, we’ll announce the opening of applications for the Q2’24 cohort. However, if your team is interested, feel free to go ahead and apply! We may reach out and have some preliminary conversations with you.

We wanted to share a couple of tips for future applicants:

  1. Please review the winning Q1’24 grant applications, and pay attention to how the milestones were built. A large part of the grant is awarded upon achievement of certain adoption milestones.
  2. Please make sure to submit your applications on time. Applications for the Q2’24 cohort will only be accepted for the first 3 weeks after we announce the beginning of the applications process (roughly the first 3 weeks of March).

We are excited to embark on this journey with the first cohort, and we are looking forward to successful launches and many more grants later this year!

Stay tuned!

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