Secret Feature: Secret Dashboard

Introducing Secret Dashboard, a single website providing easy access to many essential Secret Network functions!

Secret Network
March 7, 2023

Hello Secret Community!

Today we’re featuring Secret Dashboard, a new resource that brings key network tools and analytics together in one convenient place.

Secret Network is constantly growing, introducing new and exciting projects. Keeping track of everything can be difficult. Additionally, some essential network functions like bridging IBC tokens and bridging from non-IBC networks have historically been found in separate locations. That’s where Secret Dashboard comes in!

If you’re looking up network data, trying to find your next favorite Secret dApp, or wrapping your IBC tokens, Secret Dashboard provides solutions for all of these problems in a single website that can interact with your wallet.

Keep reading to learn about Secret Dashboard’s valuable features!

Dashboard Home

When you arrive at Secret Dashboard, key network data such as SCRT price, block height, transaction volume, and staking APR are all visualized in an easy-to-navigate dashboard UI.

Secret Dashboard allows you to reference network analytics easily, but also offers multiple options for managing your SCRT and IBC tokens.

Click the connect wallet tab in the upper right-hand corner to allow your wallet to communicate with the Secret Dashboard, enabling you to utilize all of the site’s features, including…

Transfer IBC Tokens

Interoperability has always been a huge focus for Secret Network, and the IBC protocol is one of the main ways it achieves it. Users can move tokens in and out of Secret with ease, currently to 15+ IBC networks, and many more networks will no doubt be added in the future.

Secret Dashboard makes this process easy with an easy-to-use IBC transfer interface for moving tokens between IBC chains.

Simply select the asset you want to wrap on the left and the asset you want to receive on the left. Select the amount, and hit ‘Execute Transfer’. IBC is all about interoperability, and tools like this help further connect members of the Cosmos ecosystem!

Wrap to SNIP-20s

The dashboard also includes a wrap interface for converting public IBC tokens into privacy-preserving SNIP-20 tokens. This tool lets you take full advantage of Secret’s privacy-preserving tech, regardless of which IBC tokens you hold.

Once your wallet is connected, Select the asset you want to wrap with the SNIP-20 token you wish to receive. Once you’ve entered the number of tokens you want to wrap, click the button below to receive the SNIP-20 tokens in your connected wallet quickly. If you want to unwrap your SNIP-20s by converting them to SCRT, reverse the ‘from’ and ‘to’ fields.


Looking to migrate your tokens from another ecosystem? Secret Dashboard integrates Axelar’s bridge for moving tokens from non-IBC networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon to Secret.

Not so long ago, you would have to transfer multiple assets several times to transfer assets to IBC networks. By incorporating Axelar, Secret Dashboard cuts out these extra steps, making it easier than ever to bridge your assets.

Secret Apps

With the Secret ecosystem growing, it can take a lot of work to track all the network dApps. Secret Dashboard solves this problem by providing a searchable, curated list of all active Secret dApps for easy access.

Whether looking up your favorite dApp for quick access or looking to find something new, this list is here to help!


Looking for network resources that aren’t on the dashboard? Secret Dashboard includes links to valuable tools, such as staking, governance, block explorers, additional blockchain data, developer documentation, and Secret social media feeds. If it isn’t on Secret Dashboard, you’ll find a relevant link pointing you in the right direction.

Onwards and upwards!

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