Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with XDC Network

Secret's Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with XDC Network, unlocking new capabilities for XDC dApps!

Secret Network
June 26, 2024

We’re excited to announce a partnership and integration of Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer with XDC Network, an enterprise-grade blockchain designed to revolutionize trade finance and tokenization of RWAs! Through this partnership, Secret Network will provide XDC with decentralized confidential computing (DeCC) tooling, documentation, and support. This will unlock new capabilities for applications in the XDC ecosystem!

Some examples of what this can enable are encrypted data linked to XDC NFTs (useful for tokenizing RWAs), private voting for DAOs, encrypted storage for applications, secure random number generation for games, sealed-bid auctions for NFTs and other assets, and encrypted limit order books for DeFi applications!

By integrating Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer with XDC Network, we’re bringing decentralized confidential computing (DeCC) to real-world assets (RWAs)!

What is XDC Network?

XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, open-source blockchain protocol. An EVM-compatible chain with smart contract capabilities, it is uniquely suited to revolutionize, decentralize, and liquify the trade finance industry through the tokenization of real-world assets and financial instruments.

The XDC Network is a highly scalable, delegated proof of stake consensus network (XDPoS), with near-zero gas fees and 2 second block time. Operating the XDC Network is a global infrastructure of Masternodes that participate in network consensus. The network’s enterprise-grade architecture provides a high-performance, EVM-compatible blockchain suited to the needs of institutional use in trade finance, enterprise, and tokenization. As an open-source technology, the XDC ecosystem also thrives on a growing community of developers, contributors, and participants.

Start Utilizing Confidential Computing on XDC

Get started building on XDC by checking out their developer documentation.

Next, check out Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer landing page to get an overview of how it works, and example use-cases for inspiration. From there you’ll find multiple links to our documentation, including the EVM developer toolkit. This page includes tutorials for applications you can build, and information on connecting your XDC application to Secret!

To get development help from the XDC community, check out their developer forum, and to get help from the Secret Network community, join our Discord or Telegram. Additionally, if you want to get in touch with the Secret Network developer relations team directly, you can use this form.

Secret’s Partnership with XDC

We’re excited to work with XDC and provide dedicated support to their developer ecosystem. The tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs), which XDC specializes in, is a use-case that we feel can greatly benefit from the use of decentralized confidential computing (DeCC).

In addition to today’s announcement, we’re also discussing future collaborations such as joint hackathon bounties and grants, developer workshops, and in-person and virtual events. We hope to see many successful applications built as a result of this partnership!

Join in on the discussion on the Secret Network community channels!

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