Secret Mission: Design Challenge

Secret Network
July 23, 2020

⚠️ Disclaimer: This challenge is not live anymore, but you can still create for Secret Network! Join the Secret Agency here.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create!

The Secret Foundation is helping coordinate a new “secret mission” to give artists more opportunities in our ecosystem. All are welcome to submit proposals and earn SCRT by doing creative work. Our community is organizing this design challenge as part of the Secret Games, during which node operators, developers, and other community members can get rewards (up to 1% of total SCRT supply) for helping to secure, sustain, and grow Secret Network. The Secret Games also include technical initiatives like the ongoing incentivized secret contracts testnet.

One of our main goals is to develop useful resources for educating the general public about programmable privacy and Secret Network. As part of this, we want to provide better visual materials (videos, infographics, etc) that can answer commonly asked questions and explain our technologies and use cases. We also want the process of creation to be open, engaging, and a lot of fun! Your creativity is one of the most valuable and important elements in the Secret universe.

There will be two main components of this design challenge, and submissions are already open for both!

  1. Request for Proposals (for long-term collaborations – will remain open)
  2. Art Contest (submissions close August 23rd at 11:59pm Pacific Time)

Read a description of these two components below, then scroll to the end of this blog post to learn how to submit your work!

Request for Proposals

We’re looking for artists and designers who can become long-term collaborators in our ecosystem! Read on for the creative brief.


The Secret Network is a permissionless, blockchain-based network that utilizes hardware-based and software-based privacy technologies to enable programmable privacy – arbitrarily complex data privacy controls for applications. On top of this network, developers can build Secret Apps – decentralized applications that can utilize encrypted inputs and outputs without ever exposing the raw data itself, even to the nodes in the network performing computations.

Primary Challenges

Secret Network is powerful, but complex. As a result, the network has a relatively steep learning curve that requires understanding technical, economic, and social processes of privacy and the use of encrypted data. It is difficult to explain these critical and nuanced concepts quickly, so it’s important to create powerful visual materials that can drive strong initial interest in these topics and Secret Network. We want to demonstrate for a broad audience how programmable privacy can positively impact every aspect of our lives and society.


We want to find talented artists and designers who can produce visual materials, videos, design guides, and/or animations for Secret Network. We want to explore the possible visual identities of Secret Network for the primary purpose of creating educational content. Ideally, these community-driven efforts will result in a complete style guide and a reusable universe of basic materials that the community can easily extend.

Target Audience

Our three main audience types include privacy enthusiasts, software developers, and potential network participants (including node operators and delegators). One of the main missions of Secret Foundation is global growth and adoption of open-source privacy-centric technologies, which means an emphasis on producing accessible content for the general public.

Art Contest

We’re looking for creative people who want to produce awesome standalone artwork and designs inspired by privacy and Secret Network!


We are offering three prizes for artists, detailed below. Please only submit original creative work. Finalists will be chosen by the Secret Foundation, and winners shall be selected via community voting. Finalist selections will be based on creativity, effort, quality, and relevance.


1000 SCRT ~ Best Utilization of the Secret 𝕊
Use the Secret symbol (𝕊) in whatever content you submit to gain eligibility for this prize. Our hope is that you feel inspired to demonstrate your vision for the Secret Network brand identity and style. What do Secrets look like to you? This can be a great supporting document to submit in response to the Secret Foundation’s creative brief!

1000 SCRT ~ Best Imagination of a Parallel Universe
As part of the Cosmos ecosystem, we have embraced the theme of multiple overlapping realities. We envision Secret Network as a parallel (and private) universe of the Cosmos Hub and other zones. Encrypted user data goes through interdimensional portals, and encrypted outputs return without imploding the IBC multiverse. What does this parallel universe look like?

1000 SCRT ~ Best Visualization of Programmable Privacy
Adding privacy to permissionless applications is a powerful concept, and it’s critical to empowering people all over the world. Have fun visualizing what programmable privacy means to you! Perhaps you can convey the idea of “secret contracts” using the concept of programmable privacy? If you need some additional inspiration, watch this presentation by Secret Foundation Executive Director Tor Bair. He offers various examples of top-ranked image results for keywords related to privacy, mostly associated with surveillance. Is that really what privacy looks like?

A selection of suggested images for “privacy” on Unsplash.

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in responding to our creative brief and earning SCRT for contracted design work, please apply using this form!

If you want to submit your original artwork to our Secret Art Contest, please use this form!

Stay safe and enjoy the mission!

Overall, our goal is to have this be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the whole Secret Network ecosystem and members of the community. Art and design are crucial for making privacy easier to understand by people around the world – and understanding is critical for growth and adoption.

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Onwards and upwards!

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