Secret Network Ecosystem Update: January 2022

January saw the unveiling of Shockwave, the next phase of Secret Network's explosive growth: featuring $400M in ecosystem funding, new product development, and more major announcements!

Secret Network
February 9, 2022

Greetings Secret Agents!

Thanks for being here. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read the following post and learn what has been going down in the Secret ecosystem in January 🤫

Shockwave revealed. $400M in ecosystem funding. Secret Oracles. SecretSwap Infinity pool. Secret Py. Secret GripTape Hackathon. Button Swap. Shinobi Beta Testing. $1M+ sale on the first released Quentin Tarantino NFT. Listings on Huobi, FTX, and MEXC. Countless NFT collections launched.

And so much more.

January 2022 was a big turning point in history for Secret Network, marking the beginning of the Shockwave growth initiative. Our push to bring privacy to all public blockchains is rapidly becoming reality. See what’s been done lately – and how you can get involved!

January saw the official reveal of Shockwave: the next phase of Secret Network’s explosive growth. With privacy being more essential than ever for the global adoption of Web3, we’re taking Secret Network’s expansion to the next level. Shockwave is an ecosystem wide initiative devoted to driving mass global adoption and usage of Secret Network.

The primary focus of Shockwave are the rapid expansion of both adoption and community growth. This takes the form of the following goals for Secret Network in 2022:

  1. 100 new projects building in the Secret ecosystem in H1 2022
  2. Hundreds of thousands of new users onboarding onto Secret Apps in H1 2022
  3. Multiple Secret Apps achieving 10,000+ active users
Secret Network will also keep tracking other core metrics important to the growth of Secret Network, including: developer onboarding and education, community growth, active addresses, active validators, daily transactions and contract interactions, TVL in Secret DeFi, active collections of Secret NFTs, and more.

Learn more about Shockwave

$400M Ecosystem Funding

Secret Network is proud to announce publicly that multiple top-tier investment firms have acquired SCRT positions and recently joined the Secret ecosystem as critical stakeholders, including: DeFiance Capital, Alameda Research, CoinFund and HashKey.

In January, Secret Network also revealed a new $225M ecosystem fund comprised of contributions from 25 existing ecosystem investors and partners targeted at expanding Secret Network’s application layer (including DeFi and NFTs), network infrastructure, and tooling.

Finally, Secret Network announced its $175M accelerator pool (funded in SCRT) that is designed to provide non-dilutive capital, grants, and ecosystem incentives to rapidly expand user adoption.

$1.1 Million Tarantino NFT Sale

Quentin Tarantino, the award-winning director, screenwriter, producer, author, film critic and actor, is making available fan-favorite moments from his original, never-before-seen handwritten screenplay of “Pulp Fiction” along with unique audio commentary by Tarantino. These chapters are immortalized as NFTs on Secret Network, the data privacy platform for Web3.

Tarantino NFT Collection
Tarantino NFT collection holds unknown secrets of one of the greatest screenwriters, directors, authors and filmmakers of all time.
The winning buyer of the very first chapter, the ‘Royale With Cheese’ NFT, was @AnonsNFT, who bid $1.1M!

Secret Oracles

In a new Secret Feature, we revealed our work on Secret Oracles – a giant leap forward for oracle use cases.

Random number generation is crucial for many blockchain applications. It is critical in ensuring fair creation of features for NFTs, outcomes on blockchain-enabled games (eg: loots, card shuffling, die rolling), assignment of tasks in DAOs, and so on. The outcomes have real financial consequences on users, making it critical that their source of randomness is secure and non-gameable. With the ever-growing number of applications and ever-increasing value at stake, it is imperative that a reliable source of randomness is available.

Enter Secret Oracles (“Scrt-RNG”) on Secret Network. Leveraging the decentralization of Secret Network as well as the power of privacy-preserving smart contracts, randomness can be generated by Secret Oracles – empowering the next generation of applications on Secret Network.

Secret Oracles are a decentralized, trustless source of private randomness achieved by crowd-sourced entropy to produce random numbers which are permisionless in their accessibility by other Secret Network addresses (including other privacy-preserving smart contracts).

Orbem Wars

Yet another Secret Feature went into depth on Orbem Wars. Orbem Wars is a full blown Tower Defense game with four game modes, set in a distant future in which humankind has ventured into space in search of riches. Driven by your own pursuit of power, you play a mercenary. This four modes are single-player campaign mode, event mode, league mode, and contract mode.

In Orbem Wars, every single turret schematic and turret modification is a Secret NFT. With 15 schematics to fit, each with 3 modifications, a full loadout consists of 60 NFTs. To make sure everybody can get started and has the freedom to experiment with different strategies, the first 2 rarity levels are virtual items on the game server.

Public alpha for Orbem Wars begins in February, so join the community today!

A new entry in the Secret metaverse, Orbem Wars is a full-blown P2E tower defense game. Offering four game modes, including PVP and large-scale events that have players wage galactic wars!

Secret Network February Ecosystem Roadmap

Full PDF version of the roadmap, including links

The reveal of the February roadmap update is right in line with the reveal of Shockwave in early January. With more products being funded and built, more creators launching on Secret Network, and more supporters and partners than ever helping to ensure our global growth, the future has never been brighter for Web3 privacy!

Secret Feature: Secret Py

After countless hours of hard work, the Secret Network developer community has officially launched Secret Py. Secret Py is a Secret Software Development Kit (SDK) that consists of a simple python library and toolkit for building software that can interact with the Secret blockchain.

Secret Py provides simple abstractions over core data structures, serialization, key management, and API request generation. Development of the Secret PY SDK was inspired by on Terra.

Python is a loved language in the world of programmers – offering up flexibility and versatility for certain use cases that lower-level programming languages are not as well suited for. As such, Secret Py on Secret Network will allow for developers familiar with python to build and test components of Secret Apps much quicker – potentially pulling in brand new developers to Secret Network. Features of Secret Py are as follows:

  • Written in Python, offering extensive support libraries
  • Versatile support for key management solutions
  • Exposes the Secret Rest API through LCD Client

Secret Griptape Hackathon

In late January, the Griptape team was excited to announce the upcoming Griptape Hackathon. Throughout the month of February, Griptape will be hosting a first of its kind hackathon on Secret Network. Griptape.js is a Javascript / Typescript development framework that sits between the smart contract layer and the traditional Web2 development stack. What this means is that anyone who has built a website with React, Vue, Svelte, or just plain HTML, CSS, Javascript, will be able to seamlessly get a Secret App up and running thanks to Griptape.

All month long developers will be welcome to join the Griptape community to learn about this truly amazing development framework – griptape.js – and compete for the opportunity to win cash prizes. What’s more, participants will be building an actual application that will benefit the Secret Ecosystem!

Now, some more updates from the Secret application ecosystem:

SecretSwap Partners with Alter

SecretSwap is proud to announce its partnership with Alter – the Web 3.0 standard for mailing, messaging, and file sharing with data management is built on Secret Network. The $ALTER token was the first asset listed on the new aggregate rewards governance staking pool on SecretSwap, code name Infinity! Additionally, an ALTER staking pool has been provided for staking and receiving Alter on the SecretSwap platform.

To further clarify the partnership and expand on details of both projects, an AMA was hosted on a YouTube Live AMA on January 11th.

Watch now on the SecretSwap YouTube page!

SecretSwap Infinity Pool

The new aggregate rewards pool includes a 10 day lock-up period. This means unstaking from this pool will take 10 days to complete and for the funds to be released, at which point the user will be able to claim their stake. There will be a “redeem” function that allows a user to initiate the withdrawal process and a separate withdrawal function to remove unlocked disbursements. While $SEFI is staked within the aggregate rewards pool, it will earn $SEFI, governance power for DAO participants, plus assets of new partner projects and additional tokens will be added continually as rewards.

Button Swap

In the world of DeFi, there are countless number of options. Swap on Osmosis? Sienna? SecretSwap? Users are forced to manually check across a variety of DEXs for specific trades, making decisions based on the depth of liquidity. Manually checking is not efficient and does not enable complex trading routes and paths. This opportunity is where sophisticated DEX aggregators algorithms enter the world of DeFi – key tools used for saving money on swaps.

Enter Button Swap – a DEX aggregator built for privacy-preserving DeFi. Button Swap combines liquidity from decentralized protocols SecretSwap and Sienna Network to get you the most lucrative swaps. It’s like 1inch and Auto Swap, but with the added protection from front-running attacks by utilizing Secret Network’s smart contract technology!

Shinobi Public Beta Test

Public Beta Testnet Blog

In January, Shinobi Protocol deployed its public beta testnet. Shinobi Protocol is a trustless, bidirectional bridge that connects Bitcoin mainnet users directly to Secret Network. With a hash verification system, Shinobi Protocol avoids the traditional direct custodial model by instead being a privacy-secured trustless bridge. With the advent of Shinobi Protocol, it is now possible for Bitcoin holders to have direct access to Secret DeFi in a way that has never been possible before. With Shinobi there is no middleman, and the peg in/out actions communicating with Secret Network are not discernible from ordinary transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Learn more

Shade Protocol Multichain Airdrop Panel

In this video, the core contributors to Shade Protocol walked through the architecture of the upcoming February 21st, 2022 multichain airdrop of $SHD which will be given to SCRT, ATOM, and LUNA stakers that were staked during the snapshots that occurred in November and December of 2021. Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications build on Secret Network.

SCRT Labs Delegation Policy

SCRT Labs shared its new SCRT delegation policies for 2022, helping incentivize the secret nodes and core contributors working to strengthen the entire Secret Network ecosystem. A month before the end of each quarter, SCRT Labs will publish an interest form for validators to fill out, in which they’d need to explain how they benefit the network and how much delegation they ask for. These interest forms will then be reviewed. The SCRT staking allocation decisions from SCRT Labs are based on merit and concrete contributions to the network.

Some liquidity and availability updates:

FTX Lists SCRT Futures

January saw FTX list Secret (SCRT) on its exchange:

  • Trading started at 2022-01-18 14:00 (UTC)
  • Trading pairs: SCRT-PERP

Huobi Lists SCRT

Huobi Global also listed SCRT on its Pioneer Zone on January 18th, 2022.

MEXC Lists SCRT Futures

MEXC also listed SCRT futures on January 18th, 2022.

Binance Lists SCRT/USDT Pair

Binance listed a SCRT/USDT pair on January 21st, 2022.

Media & Content

January featured tons of new coverage of Secret!

On this episode of, Sunny Aggarwal and Friederike Ernst talk with Guy Zyskind, CEO of SCRT Labs about Secret Network – an open-source data privacy platform built using the Cosmos SDK. Hear how they’re using Trusted Execution Environments and SGX technology on the network.

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Coverage of the Secret Network “Shockwave” Initiative
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Governance Proposals

January saw the on-chain renewal of the Secret Network awareness committee, as well as funding for Secret Dreamscape: a SecretNFT card game.

Secret Dreamscape Bootstrap Funding Proposal
The team behind Secret Dreamscape is requesting $35,000 USD to finish the development of one of the first games built entirely on-chain. We believe gaming on Secret Network is the next critical vertical, after DeFi and NFTs. NFTs will soon enter mainstream gaming culture and the community would grea…

Secret Forum Highlights

Community Art

Release of MetaRats SecretNFTs on Stashh

What’s Next?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the Secret ecosystem, which has also seen an explosion in on-chain adoption, NFT usage and issuance, user growth, and more over the past months!

Check out network statistics at:

Thank you for your support – the Shockwave is just starting! 🤫

Onwards and upwards!

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