Secret Heads to Prague Blockchain Week

Prague Blockchain Week kicks off on June 2, and guess what? Secret is gonna be crashing the party! Keep reading to find out all the cool stuff we've got lined up for our time in Prague.

Secret Network
May 30, 2023

Greetings, Secret Community!

Spreading Secret is our goal, and June brings us another significant chance to do just that!

Prague Blockchain Week is a decentralized conference bringing Web3 enthusiasts together to foster communication and collaboration between builders and decentralization advocates. Members of several Web3 communities will converge in Prague, with many unique ecosystems attending this busy week.

And the best part? The week is filled with MULTIPLE conferences, workshops, and meetups, giving us several opportunities to discuss Secret Network with different audiences.

We’re taking full advantage of this impactful opportunity in a big way. Secret Network Founder and SCRT Labs CEO Guy Zyskind will speak several times throughout the week!

Keep reading for a full rundown of all events we’re planning on hosting or attending.

Gateway to Cosmos

Our first stop is Gateway to Cosmos, running from June 3-5, giving us plenty of time to make an impact on the event and let everybody in on our secrets 🤫

On June 4 at 11 am UTC / 1 pm local time, Guy Zyskind will discuss “Keeping Cosmos Confidential: Empowering Other Chains with Secret Network’s Privacy as a Service,” introducing Secret’s new goals to make Secret Network Web3’s privacy hub.

But that’s just the start of our busy day. At 1 pm UTC / 3 pm local time, SCRT Labs presents a technical workshop, introducing Secret Network’s latest feature: “Unlocking On-Chain Randomness and Private State with Secret VRF.”

This hands-on workshop is designed for Cosmos builders who want to dive deep into Secret Network’s latest breakthrough feature, Secret VRF. This cutting-edge on-chain solution generates random numbers with high entropy for true on-chain randomness.

With cross-chain interoperable smart contracts via IBC, Secret VRF gives developers free access to state-of-the-art on-chain random number generation. In this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Secret VRF’s capabilities and build a functional Rock-Paper-Scissors game with true on-chain randomness and privacy!

These are just a couple of things we have going on at this event. We’ll be at Gateway to Cosmos for all three days, so be sure to stop by our booth.

Web3 Privacy Summit

We’re keeping the privacy talks going, this time on June 5 at the Web3 Privacy Summit. Guy will speak on the latest decentralized cryptography advances and discuss how to scale blockchain privacy.

This privacy-focused event brings members from multiple ecosystems with a common goal: creating a Web3 that emphasizes and prioritizes privacy. Topics up for discussion include decentralized identity, regulations vs. privacy, private messaging protocols, and more! Web3 Privacy Summit is a can’t-miss event if you’re interested in pioneering the next generation of digital privacy.

Privacy in Cosmos Event

On June 7, we’ll rejoin our Cosmos friends at the end of the week to discuss how we’re bringing Privacy as a Service to the IBC ecosystem! As if his week wasn’t busy enough, Guy Zyskind will up his speech-filled week when he addresses the Privacy in Cosmos event, hosted by ZKValidator and Rockaway X.

This event aims to delve deeper into the Cosmos ecosystem and the role that privacy is playing in pushing the network forward!

This is the second live Privacy in Cosmos event, aiming to bring together the community for a day of talks and panels focused on the role of privacy within the Cosmos ecosystem.

This is just a preview of what we have planned for Prague Blockchain Week, so stay tuned in to our Twitter feed for the latest updates and videos from the events!

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