Secret Network MathWallet Tutorial

Secret Network
July 6, 2020

⚠️ Disclaimer: MathWallet’s support for SCRT is outdated. If you want to store and stake SCRT, visit our Tools page to find wallets that actively support SCRT.

Hello to the Secret Network community! This is a short guide on how to use MathWallet to hold your Secrets (SCRT) and begin staking on Secret Network. This guide focuses on the MathWallet mobile app as well as the MathWallet browser extension.

Please let us know if you have any feedback!

Using MathWallet App

First, install the MathWallet App:

(For iPhone users, please install the TestFlight version.)

Click the top-right ‘≡’ button, and in the ‘Switch Wallet’ list choose ‘Secret Network’, then click the top-right ‘+’ button to create/import Secret Network wallet.

After you complete the wallet create/import process, you will able to see your SCRT address/balance and to send/receive Secret Network tokens.

Create Secret Network Wallet Video Guide:

Using MathWallet Chrome Extension

If you want to create your wallet on a desktop computer, you may use the MathWallet Chrome Extension.

Install the MathWallet Chrome Extension:

After installing, switch your network to “Secret Network.”

Then, create or import Secret Network wallet.

Once you have done this, click the ‘Web Wallet’ button on the bottom, then click the blue ‘Login via MathWallet Browser Extension’ button on the webpage.

After you successfully log in, you will be able to view your Secret Network address and your SCRT balance. You can also send and receive SCRT using the web wallet.

If you go back to the Chrome Extension and click “DApp Store,” you will be able to view more Secret Network dApps.

SCRT Staking

Once you have SCRT tokens in your Secret Network wallet, you are ready to start staking and get staking rewards. (For more information about this, see the Secret Nodes Cookbook or the Secret Wiki.)

Staking steps are below:

Go to ‘DApp’ – ‘SCRT Staking Tools’

In this tool, you can stake your SCRT to the validator you trust, and you can also claim your rewards.

You can search all Secret Network validators and make your selection.

Staking Tool Video Guide:

This staking tool also works in the MathWallet Chrome Extension. If you use the Chrome Extension and click “DApp Store,” you will be able to view all Secret Network dApps, including “SCRT Staking Tools.”

We hope this is a helpful guide to storing and staking your Secrets!

The MathWallet Team