Guide: How to Stake Secret ($SCRT) with + Demo Video

Secret Network
November 23, 2020

Secret Network ($SCRT) has been recently integrated with the platform. Read our comprehensive guide on staking $SCRT via wallet!


To get started, go on an official website and log in. If you didn’t have a Citadel account, please, check our wallet guide via the link.

On the first page, click on the “Wallet” tab.

On the sidebar, choose the wallet you want to manage.

Click on the “Stake” tab and then on the “Add node”.

Using the search-bar choose the nodes you want to delegate to by clicking on it.

In Secret Network, staking with multiple nodes is available — you can add any of them and input the SCRT amount or share of your wallet’s balance you want to delegate. A tooltip will appear showing the maximum percentage/amount that you can delegate.

If you are satisfied with your choice, press the “Stake” button.

To confirm delegation transactions, you will have to input your wallet password and press “Confirm”.

If everything went well, you would see the “Success” notification.

Staking screen after the delegation should look like this:

Change delegation amount

You can change the delegation amount for each node anytime by changing values in Stake share and Amount fields, pressing “Stake”, and confirming the transaction.

Add new nodes

To add additional nodes, press the “Add nodes” button and repeat the node choice process described above.


To cancel delegation, press X next to the node you want to undelegate from and confirm the transaction.

Here is the video staking recap.

You’re all set now. Try staking $SCRT and earn rewards with!

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