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1RPC, a privacy-preserving web3 endpoint relay by Automata Network, now supports Secret Network!

Secret Network
June 29, 2023

1RPC, a privacy-preserving web3 endpoint relay by Automata Network, now supports Secret Network! This integration allows users to prevent potential metadata tracking by infrastructure providers.

Blockchains and dApps have progressed significantly since the technology’s inception. After much development, users now have dApps that run as efficiently as Web2 applications, and as a result, often take for granted the infrastructure that enables these actions.

Just like the internet, Web3 requires a series of complex relays that transport information to its proper destination; it relies on tools like RPCs, a key supporting infrastructure component that acts as a router organizing user and dApp requests and sending them to the proper destination.

As with most things in the blockchain world, RPC efficiency usually comes with a trade-off: the loss of privacy. Other Web3 endpoints like Infura can compromise user privacy through leaked metadata, resulting in user privacy being compromised with such actions as Metamask logging IPs. In an effort to create a new web where privacy is valued, 1RPC solves this problem by preserving user Web3 privacy.

Metamask Updates Privacy Policy: What You Need To Know | Biconomy
Consensys has updated its privacy policy on 23rd November allow user IP and Ethereum wallet addresses to be collected when they transact while using Infura as their default RPC provider on Metamask.

1RPC keeps your metadata private

1RPC is a Web3 relay that eradicates metadata exposure and leakage for users with a one-click experience. The relay has protected over 5 billion relays since launch, with support for 25 networks, including major blockchains such as BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polkadot.

1RPC recently opened up its Plus version in Public Beta, allowing users to own a bespoke RPC endpoint for real-time, dynamic control of how they interact with the blockchain. Users can also access features such as transaction sanitizers to actively deter phishing scams and attacks.

Now, 1RPC is coming to Secret Network! The dedicated RPC endpoint for Secret Network is, and the LCD endpoint is

Secret Network’s 1RPC endpoint

1RPC introduces a number of technical methods to uphold and maintain data self-sovereignty. Even ostensibly private transactions are liable to some form of tracing, but this is not the case with 1RPC. Features include:

  • Metadata masking: 1RPC replaces metadata attached to a user’s request with its own as a means of obfuscation. Original user metadata is completely hidden from third parties.
  • Random dispatching: 1RPC dispatches requests randomly to RPC providers. The association between accounts with the same private key is irreversibly broken, keeping user activity private.
  • Multicall disassociation: 1RPC disassembles – transactions into its individual requests to prevent exposure of different accounts from the same wallet.
  • Burn after relaying: All metadata is wiped out after a request has been successfully relayed. 1RPC neither stores nor collects user metadata.

Similar to the how Secret Network performs computation on encrypted data within secure enclaves, information relayed by 1RPC is enclosed within a secure enclave and protects against any form of metadata leakage, even from nodes that verify blockchain activity. Encryption of data-at-rest secures the channel between the user and the running enclave that hosts the 1RPC endpoint.  

1RPC offers many advantages over other RPCs, and users can switch to and use 1RPC with Secret Network instantly by searching for Secret on the 1RPC website and clicking on the wallet icon. Developers looking to delve deeper into use cases related to privacy protection and a more phishing-resistant Web3 can work with the relay right away. Global node distribution optimizes the relay with reduced latency for users and developers alike.

Additionally, 1RPC is already in use on the Secret Dashboard, so users of the dashboard do not have to perform any extra steps to start taking advantage of this service!

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