The Satoshi’s Palace Incentivized Testnet is Now Live!

Test out a pioneering decentralized gambling platform offering unparalleled privacy and fairness, with an open beta on testnet and airdrop rewards for feedback!

Secret Network
March 21, 2024

Note: This blog post was written by the Satoshi’s Palace team. We’re featuring this post on the Secret Network blog to help bring exposure to their testnet announcement.

Decentralized applications are reshaping the future of online casinos and sportsbooks, with Satoshi’s Palace leading the charge as a pioneering GameFi DApp. Satoshi’s Palace is a comprehensive decentralized Casino and Sportsbook that integrates the excitement of gambling with the innovative capabilities of blockchain technology.

Built on the “Unstoppable Stack” of Secret Network smart contracts, Arweave, and Akash with decentralized oracles, Satoshi’s Palace offers a fully decentralized environment. This infrastructure ensures unparalleled privacy and reliability, setting a new standard in the online gambling industry.

Satoshi’s Palace introduces a pool-based betting system, moving away from traditional bookmaker-based odds to offer better opportunities for its users. This approach ensures a fair betting environment, aligning with the decentralized philosophy of empowering users.

By leveraging the privacy and VRF(Verifiable Random Function) of Secret Network, Satoshi’s Palace is not just changing how we gamble online but also ensuring that the experience is secure and fair for everyone involved.

Why Choose Secret Network?

Satoshi’s Palace is built on Secret Network due to its advanced privacy-preserving capabilities and the use of Verifiable Random Function (VRF), both crucial for online gambling and sports betting.

The Importance of Privacy

In online gambling and sports betting, privacy is paramount. It shields users’ information from exposure, providing a secure environment where activities remain confidential. This level of privacy protection is essential for safeguarding players against potential cyber threats, facilitating global access, and ensuring a private and safe gaming experience.

Leveraging Secret Network’s VRF

To ensure the fairness of games and bets, Satoshi’s Palace employs Secret VRF. This technology guarantees genuinely random outcomes on chain, building a higher level of trust among users. Employing VRF technology effectively addresses players’ concerns regarding the integrity of online gambling platforms, positioning Satoshi’s Palace as a trusted entity in the GameFi sector.

Developed on Secret Network, Satoshi’s Palace offers a gambling experience that is engaging, enjoyable, and most importantly, secure and fair for all users.

Open Beta on Testnet with Airdrop

We’re excited to announce the launch of the open beta on the testnet for Satoshi’s Palace, inviting users to experience the future of decentralized gambling and sports betting firsthand. This is a unique opportunity to participate in the development of Satoshi’s Palace, providing valuable insights and feedback that will shape its evolution.

How to Participate in the Open Beta

Participating in the open beta is straightforward:

1. Visit Satoshi’s Palace.

2. Explore the variety of games and betting options available, immersing yourself in the decentralized gambling experience.

3. Share your experience and provide feedback through our feedback form. Your insights are crucial to improving Satoshi’s Palace and making it more user-friendly and engaging.

Airdrop Rewards for Participants

As a token of our appreciation, airdrop rewards will be distributed to participants who provide useful feedback. Your contributions are invaluable to us, and this is our way of saying thank you. To be eligible for the airdrop:

– You must actively use the Testnet application and submit feedback via the feedback form.

– Ensure that your feedback is constructive and provides clear insights into your experience with the application.

This is the first of many airdrops planned to reward our community members for their engagement and support. Stay tuned for more opportunities to earn rewards as you participate in the development and improvement of Satoshi’s Palace.


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We’re incredibly excited to be launching this testnet application as the first step in our journey, and look forward to improving it with the help of your feedback. As a token of our appreciation, airdrop rewards await those who actively engage with the platform. Keep an eye out for the mainnet launch later this year!

– The Satoshi’s Palace Team

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