Secret Network Blockchain Data Now Available On Numia

Numia now supports Secret Network with its blockchain data indexing service!

Secret Network
February 27, 2024

Numia now supports Secret Network with its blockchain data indexing service! This integration will provide developers and data scientists with much easier access to Secret blockchain data. By enabling universal and free SQL access to the data via the Google BigQuery analytics platform, Numia unlocks a world of new possibilities for data-driven projects within the Secret ecosystem.

Empowering Access with SQL via BigQuery

Numia’s indexing technology stores Cosmos SDK-based chains’ on-chain data into BigQuery (Google Cloud’s data warehouse). This process involves capturing and organizing real-time transaction data, smart contract interactions, and other relevant on-chain activities, making them readily queryable through BigQuery without losing the privacy offered by the Secret Network. This real-time data indexing is crucial for maintaining up-to-date datasets, enabling timely analyses and decision-making processes.

Developers and analysts can freely access this data through SQL, which with its widespread adoption and ease of use, allows for complex queries to be constructed and executed swiftly, making blockchain data more accessible and understandable. BigQuery’s robust data warehouse capabilities enable handling vast amounts of data easily, ensuring that insights are easy and fast to extract. 

The only thing that is required to access the data is a Google account with access to BigQuery. No permission from Numia or Secret Network is required, and every developer can perform any query they want in full confidentiality. Google may charge for querying the data (see their pricing here), but the first terabyte of data per month is free, allowing for hundreds of queries.

Use Cases and Applications

Developers can now:

  • Build dynamic dashboards that reflect current market trends
  • Conduct deep-dive analyses into the efficiency of smart contracts 
  • Explore user behavior across decentralized applications

Data scientists and analysts can

  • Leverage this rich dataset to apply machine learning models
  • Predict market movements
  • Identify emerging trends within the Secret Network

These are just a few examples of how accessible, high-quality on-chain data can drive innovation and insight.

This integration extends beyond technological advancements, aiming to empower the Secret community by democratizing data access. With tools and resources to explore on-chain data easily, community members can undertake their analyses, contribute to the ecosystem’s growth, and drive transparency within the blockchain space. This empowerment is expected to spur community-driven projects, research initiatives, and collaborations that further the Secret chain’s adoption and utility.

How to Get Started

Numia provides detailed documentation, guides, and support channels to help users navigate the process of accessing and querying data via BigQuery. Whether you’re looking to analyze transaction patterns, explore DApp usage, or build predictive models, the resources are in place to support your endeavors.

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