Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with Moonbeam

Secret's Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with Moonbeam, unlocking new capabilities for Moonbeam dApps!

Secret Network
June 12, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer now supports Moonbeam, your gateway to simplified web3 integration! Secret Network is providing Moonbeam with decentralized confidential computing (DeCC) tooling, documentation, and support. This unlocks groundbreaking new features for applications in the Moonbeam ecosystem!

Some examples of what this can enable are private voting for Moonbeam DAOs, encrypted storage for Moonbeam applications, secure random number generation for Moonbeam games, confidential data access control via Moonbeam NFTs, sealed-bid auctions for Moonbeam NFTs and other assets, and encrypted order books for Moonbeam DeFi applications!

By integrating Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer with Moonbeam, we’re bringing exciting new utility and innovation to the EVM ecosystem!

What is Moonbeam?

Moonbeam launched as Polkadot‘s first Parachain on January 11, 2022, creating a new path for blockchain interoperability with its EVM-compatible platform on Substrate. This development has led to the growth of an ecosystem with over 300 applications, establishing Moonbeam as a key platform for builders and users. Built on Polkadot SDK, Moonbeam is an EVM-compatible environment that has been extended to include powerful new features based on Polkadot SDK that allow developers to easily customize applications to fit their needs. Polkadot SDK, developed by Parity Technologies and Ethereum co-founder Founder Gavin Wood, enables cross-chain interoperability through the use of Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM).

Moonbeam accelerates web3 integration through solutions that remove friction and improve user experience. It enables developers to efficiently build decentralized applications that operate seamlessly across diverse blockchain networks. Moonbeam’s mission is to support innovations that remove friction, onboard more users, and deliver real-world value. It achieves this by leveraging a range of technologies, including cross-chain solutions like XCM, xc20, MRL, and XCM SDK. Moonbeam also integrates with leading cross-chain protocols, including Axelar, Wormhole, LayerZero, and Glacis, making Moonbeam the ideal platform for building future-proof decentralized applications.

Start Using Confidential Computing on Moonbeam

Get started building on Moonbeam by checking out their developer documentation.

Next, check out Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer landing page to get an overview of how it works, and example use-cases for inspiration. From there you’ll find multiple links to our documentation, including the EVM developer toolkit. This page includes tutorials for applications you can build, and information on connecting your Moonbeam application to Secret!

To get development help from the Moonbeam community, join their Discord, and to get help from the Secret Network community, join our Discord or Telegram. Additionally, if you want to get in touch with the Secret Network devrel team directly, you can use this form.

We’re excited to work with Moonbeam and provide dedicated support to their developer ecosystem. We hope to see many successful projects built as a result of this integration!

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