Introducing the New SCRT Labs Grants Program

The SCRT Labs Grants Program is relaunching, with a new structure and more focused approach!

Secret Network
December 19, 2023

SCRT Labs, Secret Network Foundation, and the entire Secret community are immensely grateful to all of the builders who have contributed to this ecosystem over the past few years.

SCRT Labs has been running a grant program for quite some time now, supporting multiple projects in the ecosystem. We are now excited to announce the launch of a renewed and refocused grants program!

Why Now?

As we observe the initial signs of market recovery, we believe it’s the perfect moment to foster fresh ideas and drive groundbreaking initiatives. Though resources may still be limited, our commitment to supporting builders is unwavering.

The renewed Grants Program is designed to empower exceptional projects through financial, technical, and marketing support from both SCRT Labs and the Secret Network Foundation.

Structured Approach

To ensure the most effective results, this new Grants Program will follow a structured approach, focusing on fewer projects to provide more focused help and support. This means a reduced number of grant recipients compared to the past, aiming at 3-4 projects per quarter. We will be favoring projects with sustainable business models, and aim to allocate a high percentage of the grant funds to launching the products and attaining certain usage KPIs.

Key Program Details

  • Timing: Starting December 1, 2023, renewed every 3 months
  • Submission Process: Open for the first 3 weeks
  • Selection Process: Weeks 3-5 involve team interviews and selection
  • Announcement: Grant recipients revealed in Week 6

Selection Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on:

  • Benefit to the ecosystem
  • Relevance to the focus area (December 2023: Privacy-as-a-Service) and the Secret Network Roadmap
  • Innovation
  • Team strength
  • Preference for projects with prior funding

Grant Amounts

In the December batch, a total of up to 300,000 SCRT will be awarded to the selected projects

Code Licensing Requirements

Open-source projects with non-restrictive licensing, such as MIT, Apache 2.0, 2-Clause BSD, or similar licenses, will be preferred.

December 2023 Batch Focus: Privacy-as-a-Service

Projects developing applications in the EVM ecosystem that leverage confidential computing features provided by Secret Network will receive special consideration.

Apply for a Grant

Whether you’re starting a new project, or want to improve an existing one, we invite you to submit a grant application by opening a GitHub issue here. Your involvement is vital to the growth and success of the Secret Network ecosystem.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Secret community. Let’s innovate, build, and shape the future together!

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