PageDAO is Now Integrated with Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer

PageDAO is a decentralized content publishing platform built on Polygon, and utilizing Secret's Confidential Computing Layer for data encryption!

Secret Network
May 31, 2024

This article was written by the PageDAO team. We’re featuring this post on the Secret Network blog to highlight this application’s usage of Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer, and bring exposure to what they’re building.

Announcing PageDAO: The Future of Privacy-Focused Publishing 

At PageDAO, we champion the notion that privacy is not just a feature but a fundamental right. In a world where every click, every post, and every transaction can be tracked and scrutinized, the sanctity of privacy is essential to freedom and personal expression. This commitment to privacy is woven deeply into PageDAO’s architecture, distinguishing us from traditional platforms where information mining often leaves users vulnerable.

Here’s how we’re turning the page to a future where confidentiality and creativity coexist beautifully.

A New Space for Secure Creativity

At the heart of PageDAO’s technology is the robust use of encryption. Imagine a world where your manuscripts, your drafts, and your precious creative outputs are shielded by layers of security, accessible to those you choose. This isn’t just about protection; it’s about creating a safe space for creativity to flourish without the fear of unauthorized access or exposure.

Why Does Privacy Matter in Publishing?

Privacy is pivotal for our community members, encompassing writers, readers, and creatives who thrive on the freedom to explore, create, and share without restraint. The need for privacy is particularly pronounced in the literary world where the creative process is intensely personal and often sensitive. Writers and artists frequently delve into controversial or deeply personal topics that could attract undue attention or censorship under a transparent system.

PageDAO provides a safe space for creativity to flourish untainted by external pressures or surveillance. This is not about hiding, but about protecting the creative integrity and personal safety of our community members.

Decentralized and Fully Integrated with Secret Network  

Leveraging cutting-edge decentralized storage solutions like IPFS and Arweave, PageDAO ensures that your literary works are not only preserved but are also immune to censorship and external tampering. What sets us apart, however, is our commitment to privacy—each piece of data stored is encrypted, turning the public permanence of blockchain into a private library of your own making.

Leveraging Secret Network into our tech stack elevates PageDAO to a new standard of privacy. Here, smart contracts operate with encrypted data in a Trusted Execution Environment, meaning your creative outputs are processed securely and privately, from submission to publication. It’s like having a conversation where only the intended recipients understand the language being spoken.

PageDAO also takes advantage of Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer. With the utility of encrypted data moving cross-chain, PageDAO is able to offer unique services among Web3 publishing platforms. Writers will be able to create and manage their protected literary assets across EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains using a single interface.

Overall, it’s a safer environment for users. But this technology also paves the way for true innovation in how literature and art can be shared, critiqued, and celebrated in the digital age. PageDAO is a sanctuary for free expression.

Looking Ahead: A Future Fueled by Privacy and Participation

As we continue to build and grow, our vision at PageDAO remains clear: to transform the publishing industry by making it more accessible, more secure, and more aligned with the needs of today’s writers and readers. We are more than a platform; we are a community that values knowledge, respects privacy, and cherishes the freedom to create.

Join the PageDAO revolution! We are inviting passionate writers, readers, and creators to be a part of our Advanced Feature / Early Access Team. This is your opportunity to test out our groundbreaking new platform and minter, providing valuable feedback that will shape the future of literary engagement. We are excited to offer fun incentives and rewards throughout the testing phase. Sign-up here if you’re interested in being on the Team!

There are other ways to get involved and let your voice be heard in a community that celebrates and elevates literary creativity. Connect with us on Discord, follow the conversation on Farcaster, engage with us on Twitter X, and visit to learn more. Come join us at PageDAO, where your literary journey is protected, celebrated, and yours. 

This article was written by the PageDAO team. We’re featuring this post on the Secret Network blog to highlight this application’s usage of Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer, and bring exposure to what they’re building.

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