Secret NFTs: Collection Highlights

Check out over TWENTY different SecretNFT collections on Secret Network - many soon to be featured on Stashh, launching December 17th on mainnet!

Secret Network
December 15, 2021

Hello to the Secret community! Today we’re introducing over TWENTY of the awesome NFT collections launching (or already launched!) on Secret Network – and some of the ways you can get involved.

So what makes Secret NFTs revolutionary?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are in themselves a powerful concept, introducing provable digital scarcity for creative works, in-game items, collectables, financial assets, and more. But up until today, NFTs have had major limitations for creators, collectors, and consumers that prevent NFTs from reaching their full potential as a disruptive technology.

That limitation is privacy.

As a private-by-default Layer 1 foundation, Secret Network enables the first NFTs with programmable privacy, unlocking the next generation of functionality, utility, and value for NFTs in Web3. We believe this is the revolution that will elevate NFTs from billions to trillions in value – and due to the native privacy controls, that value can be sustained and grow.

Since the establishment of the SNIP-721 token standard, there has been an explosion in the growth of number of creator and artists building on Secret Network! With Stashh set to launch with support for initial collections on December 17th, 2021, buyers and creators will be able easily buy and sell Secret NFTs on the world’s first marketplace for privacy-preserving NFTs.

Here is a list of some of the Secret NFT collections announced for and/or already launched on Secret Network:

  • Tarantino NFTs
  • Anons (launched)
  • Redacted Club (launched)
  • Secret Punks (launched)
  • Anthea 3999
  • Orbem Wars
  • Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls
  • Emergent Properties
  • Secret Dogs
  • Confidential Cats
  • Vatroob Music
  • Secret Girlfriends
  • Secret Collective
  • Ample Agents LLC
  • Chronicles de đť•Šcamp
  • Adventurous Agents
  • Secrets of the Ancients
  • Sienna Knights
  • Secret Bullrun
  • Secret Rocks

Tarantino Secret NFTs

Quentin Tarantino publicly announced he is partnering with Secret Network to publish what are potentially the most precious and scarce NFTs to have ever been produced – a collection of seven special NFTs, each containing unique private content viewable only by the owner of the NFT, a groundbreaking feature available only with Secret NFTs. Secret NFTs are powered by Secret Network, a first-of-its-kind blockchain that features data privacy by default for smart contracts, dramatically expanding what’s possible with Web3!

The private content contained in each Secret NFT has never been seen or heard before digitization. Each NFT represents a single scene from Pulp Fiction and features the original handwritten screenplay of that scene, alongside unique recorded commentary by Mr. Tarantino himself that contains never-before-known secrets about the film. Per Mr. Tarantino’s own announcement, which was featured in news outlets all around the world (e.g., CNBC, CNN, Fortune, Bloomberg), the original screenplay was also never before seen by anyone but himself, making it one of the better kept secrets in Hollywood. Join tens of thousands of users who are eagerly awaiting this exclusive drop!




Anon Secret NFTs – “580 Rare”

Anons launched as the first private-by-default NFT collection, built on Secret Network. Using Secret Network’s private metadata, Anon ownership grants exclusive access to a Proof of Anon chat without revealing the holder’s identity publicly to everyone. Finally, secondary sales of Anons support the AnonDAO which is used to support ecosystem and NFT initiatives on Secret Network as determined by Anon governance. Each Anon is a unique piece of art in a 580 collection highlighting the artist’s style. The Anon drop increased network demand to record levels, and all 580 Anons have already been minted and collected!

Additionally, artist kersonator has started to create corresponding full body Anons for the respective Anon profile pictures!

If you would like to buy an Anon, stay tuned for their secondary market listing on Stashh – launching December 17th!

Check out the Anons gallery:

Redacted Club

The Redacted Club is a collection of 1337 Redacted Rabbit NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Secret Network. Leveraging Secret Network’s “Private-by-default” smart contracts, Redacted Rabbits have a few unique characteristics that are distinct from NFTs on any other blockchain.

Not only is your ownership of the NFT private, but you also get exclusive access to the private metadata store in each rabbit. Your Rabbit uses this metadata both as your membership card to the Redacted Club as well as your key to future secrets and mysteries that will be unveiled over time.

Follow Redacted Club on Twitter.

Join the Redacted Club Discord.

Secret Punks

Using the power of programmable privacy, special attributes and images are kept locked behind the encryption of Secret NFTs. To unlock the full private image, users must purchase/obtain the NFT in order to be able to view the private attributes! Secret Punks are yet another powerful example of the thriving Secret NFT collector and creator ecosystem emerging on Secret Network. All 10,000 Secret Punks were minted on their first day!

Check out the official SecretPunks website for more details.

Anthea 3999

Anthea 3999 is a collection of 6150 3D secretNFTs living in the breathtaking landscapes of Anthea’s Comics & Metaverse. Anthea is a project born on Secret Network with the goal of creating a virtual world made of enthralling storylines with which people can fall in love and identify.

One teaser image from the Anthea team.

Follow Anthea 3999 on Twitter today or join their Discord!

Orbem Wars

Orbem Wars aims to replace game-monetization models one hurdle at a time. Domerium Labs is using SecretNFTs to solve two problems:

1) Private NFT ownership (public ‘flex’ as option)

2) Seamless onboarding (download, play, earn NFTs (no wallet, or crypto required).

In Orbem Wars, special turrets will take the form of Secret NFTs, empowering the next generation of video games. Stay tuned to learn more about how you can earn or buy Orbem War Secret NFTs!


Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls

Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls is a storyline-based gamified NFT project. Users will be able to mint Mystic Skulls and use Eternal Alchemy to unveil their hidden features. The more users unveil, the more they will discover their skull’s afterlife. To begin with, each skull comes with specific attributes.  Owners will then make decisions that impact the skull for better or worse. As the storyline progresses it will open a new world of possibilities. The skulls use Secret NFT logic to make the game possible.

10,000 Skulls will be available for mint for 10 SCRT each.

Choose wisely: you can reveal a skull to hunt for rare traits, or sell it before fully exposing its potential!

Twitter: Mystic Skulls


Emergent Properties

Emergent Properties is the first and only Generative NFT platform in the Cosmos ecosystem. In addition, it is the only Generative NFT platform with native privacy features.

Long-term, we see Emergent Properties becoming the world’s premier platform for creating and launching Generative NFTs.

Our mission is to explore and champion creative projects at the intersection of art and code, leveraging the privacy powers of Secret Network whenever possible. Above all, we seek to support creators by giving them a platform to share their work with the world and mechanisms to earn royalties on secondary sales of their work in perpetuity.

The Big Bang NFT collection from Emergent Properties uses a proprietary — and to our knowledge, unique — user-input mechanism that allows the collector to participate in the creation of their own Generative NFT.

After successfully minting a Big Bang, the collector will be given a questionnaire, asking them to choose three of the NFT’s primary traits (for example, color palette). After entering answers to the questions, the collector then chooses to generate the NFT. Only after clicking the “generate” button will the NFT’s algorithm run and the resulting image be created / revealed. This means that collectors literally get to help create their own artwork, affecting not just the image but also the rarity of their Big Bang NFT.

Stay tuned in January for more explosive information on Emergent Properties and Big Bang NFTs!



Secret Dogs

Secret Dogs were revealed in October and will be the first ever Secret NFTs collection to mint on Stashh!

Secret Dogs are very loyal. They only show themselves and their personalities to their respective owners upon purchase of the secret NFT.

Check out the Secret Dogs Twitter today!

Confidential Cats

Confidential Cats is a privacy-driven NFT collection on the Secret Network. The collection will contain 690 cats, each with their own private metadata. This metadata will be a shared secret between each cat and their owner.

The perks of owning a confidential chat is access to an exclusive chat, long-term membership benefits (nested in the private metadata), and privacy protection of key features of your Confidential Cat!




Confidential Cats
Confidential Cats is a privacy-driven NFT collection on the Secret Network. The collection will contain 690 cats, each with their own private metadata. This metadata will be a shared secret between each cat and their owner.

Vatroob Music

This project is aimed at creating and distributing music as a Secret NFT. The current catalog consist of beats from genres ranging from hip-hop, R&B, trap, funk, and others. The first edition will be the Anthem of Anons titled Anonymous, which is dedicated to the AnonsNFT collection. This will consist of 100 editions with an estimated 10 SCRT to mint. In addition, 50% of the mint fees raised from this collection will be donated to charity.

All beats and artwork are completely original. They will incorporate privacy by making the artwork public but the music private. This is a first of a kind that we know of and could revolutionize the music industry by becoming a new industry standard for the distribution of music.

Check out the Vatroob Twitter today!



Secret Girlfriends

Secret Girlfriends consists of 1,000 unique Secret Girlfriends. These SecretNFTs are coming soon to Stashh – with the metadata private by default thanks to Secret Network!



Secret Collective

The Secret Collective project aims to be a community where artists can express their emotion, intent & creativity in unique ways. By utilizing state of the art technology and techniques, The Collective can achieve jaw-dropping means to convey these ideologies.

“Secret Network only solidifies our idea, as the artist and collector can develop a true relationship through privacy enabled NFTs. This ultimately will formulate a powerful relationship, and we’re going to position ourselves to further develop this interaction.”

20 NFTs from The Genesis collection will be available for an estimated 40 SCRT mint fee.




Ample Agents LLC

There will be 69 ample agents available at mint – each custom equipped to handle standard & undercover missions. Each agent is hand-drawn to include custom and hidden attributes.

What assignment will you unlock?


Chronicles de đť•Šcamp

Chronicles de Scamp is about the secret life and times of Allyson ‘Ally’ Scamp, the charismatic cat with the killer instinct. With 278 scamps set to be published on Stashh, stay tuned for more info!



Adventurous Agents

The Adventurous Agents collection is a 20 piece NFT collection exclusively made to launch on Stashh. The collection is all about a Secret Agent and his accomplice the Chameleon on their adventures. All 20 pieces are hand drawn and there are no copy and paste traits – so in theory, this makes them all equally rare.

The launch date of Adventurous Agents is scheduled for December and will be officially announced once Stashh is out. The Adventurous Agents are still finishing the last pictures of the collection and are taking community ideas!



Secrets of the Ancients

Secrets of the Ancients is a 1k SCRT per NFT collection coming to in January featuring 32×32 pixelated images that are public; full art is private and protected by Secret Network privacy-preserving features.  Secrets of the Ancients will include 14 unique 1-of-1s, and many more secrets so stay tuned!



Sienna Knights

Sienna Knights are the official SecretNFT PFP collection of Sienna Network (built on Secret Network). Currently, Sienna Knights have yet to be launched.

Sienna Knights are advocates of privacy, the protectors of Sienna Network.


Secret Bullrun

Secret Bullrun is a pencil and charcoal art as an NFT project on the Secret Network. Their main character is a Greek mythical creature, a Minotaur, which in this case symbolizes the ‘bullrun’ and the great possibilities of Secret Network. The goal of the project is to share their passion for art while also spreading the virtues of Secret Networks “private by default” smart contracts.

Each piece of art will contain private attributes featuring other collaborating projects on Secret Network. All the characteristics are going to be unique only visible to its owner.



Twitter: đť•Šecret BullRun

Secret Rocks

Do you like rocks? If you do, then you will love Secret Rocks. This exclusive PFP NFT collection consists of 10,101 randomly generated pet rocks. Each individual rock will have a separate private image and private metadata only viewable to the owner. Secret Rocks also plans to extend into the metaverse…

The Secret Rocks team plans on creating a community wallet and conducting a $ROCK token airdrop to Secret Rock owners. Owners of Secret Rocks will also be able to vote about how to use the community funds. Each rock will cost 9 SCRT to mint. Secret Rocks will also include a Rock – Paper – Scissors  game. The game mechanics are currently unknown, but gamified SecretNFTs do sound fun!




We hope this overview of just some of the upcoming and launched Secret NFT projects on Secret Network excites you. Come check out our ecosystem, join any of these projects, or help us grow privacy-first applications and global adoption by becoming a Secret Agent!

Onwards & Upwards!

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