Secret Games Update: Incentivized Testnet Phase 2

Secret Network
August 21, 2020

⚠️ Disclaimer: The Secret Games are over as Secret is now live on mainnet! Were you looking for our testnet? Go to our docs.

Hello Secret Agents! We are getting closer and closer to upgrading our mainnet in order to integrate privacy-preserving “secret” smart contract functionality. This post contains a brief update on Phase 2 of the Secret Games incentivized testnet program, designed to reward contributors running Secret Nodes, experimenting with Secret Apps, and helping us improve documentation. Continue reading for a summary of what we’ve learned thus far, along with some testimonials from various Phase 2 participants.

Need to catch up first? Check out some details from testnet Phase 1 and the Secret ecosystem’s latest developments here:

Secret Network Ecosystem Update: July 2020
An update on the successful deployment of secret contracts on public testnet, new applications built in internal and external hackathons, new wallet support, and more!

Secret Games Overview

The Secret Games are taking place as we conduct final testing of secret contracts (privacy-preserving smart contracts on Secret Network) before this new functionality is proposed for integration with the existing Secret mainnet. Our community of Secret Agents is working together to push the limits of secret contracts on testnet. Along with rewards for setting up and running “Secret Nodes,” there are a bunch of “secret missions” that involve deploying contracts and using demo apps like our Secret Raffle.

Phase 1 Update

Almost 400 people formally expressed interest in participating in the invite-only Phase 1 of the Secret Games testnet. However, just 15 participants were selected, including Staked, Figment, Chorus One, Dokia Capital, B-Harvest, and Iqlusion. During this initial 2-week phase, node operators, developers, and community members earned rewards for helping to securely and sustainably grow Secret Network and its ecosystem. They were guided by existing mainnet validators serving as testnet stewards, including the Enigma team, Chain of Secrets,, and others.

Phase 2 Participants

Phase 2 brings more rewards and opportunities, and it is open to all participants! So far, 84 validators have joined our public testnet, and currently (at the time of writing this post) 69 of those are active. Below is a recent screenshot of the public testnet explorer. Some participants are actively building tools and platforms designed to help others in the community, as well as initial Secret Apps that can launch on mainnet. It has been wonderful to see all the collaboration driving progress toward exponential growth. Our target is clear: mass adoption of privacy-first tech!

Select Phase 2 Validator Comments

Please enjoy these comments from some of our awesome Phase 2 participants!

“I am impressed with how much effort the team puts to smooth over the rough spots before launching the production network.”
– Arsenii Petrovich of Protofire

“[Priorities are] robust documentation and stress testing the network. But so far the network has not reported any breakdowns or relatively big issues.”
– Mohammed Patla of Secure Secrets

“Having been involved in the Cosmos community for a number of years, it’s great to see networks with advanced functionalities such as privacy-preserving smart contracts maturing to the state where they are ready to connect to the cosmos hub as soon as Stargate is online, and even more rewarding to be a part of delivering it.”
– Bliss Dynamics

“I’m a Linux virgin, and I’m pretty sure the last time I used a command line interface was to launch TIE Fighter back in 1994. But with a little help (and a lot of patience!) from the Secret Network community I was able to get a testnet validator up and running. If I can do it, anyone can.”
– Stee Gee

“Chainflow is enjoying the Secret Games testnet. We feel hopeful to see it pushing the boundaries of previous incentivized testnets by asking validators to interact with contract deployments and real applications. This developer and user focus helps us all remember the key to the long-term success of Secret Network is for it to have real users doing real activities on top of it.”
– Chris of Chainflow

“I am so excited to be a part of the Secret Games incentivized testnet. I had some previous experience with CosmWasm contracts, and this is an amazing opportunity to play with it again. I like the poker game based on a secret contract – it demonstrates how easily smart contract technology can be integrated in the entertainment industry.”
– Alex Novy

“We have been working on this project for months now, and during that time the possibilities of the Secret Network have gotten clearer and clearer to us, but it wasn’t until we executed our first secret contract that the gravity of what has been built here really hit us. This is going to be a big f@#cking deal, and you can quote us on that.”
– Stake or Die!

Here’s a couple more quick updates from Phase 2:

Infrastructure Committee

One of the many positive results of the Secret Games is the highly active infrastructure committee, which is exploring hardware options by communicating with Intel, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and virtual private server (VPS) providers. This effort has been very useful and informative! Leaders of the committee are going to share a public resource that identifies compatible approaches to minimizing vulnerabilities while maintaining accessible services for anyone capable of running a compliant node. Stay tuned!

Secret Poker Nights

If you are still reading, thank you for paying attention! Here is a secret… 🤫  Secret Foundation will be hosting several “poker hours” next week, intending to further stress-test our network using the Secret Hold ‘Em application (GitHub repo). There might be a prize for whoever gets the best hand. Stay tuned in the Phase 2 announcements channel on RocketChat!

Secret DeFi

Check out this recent blog post about programmable privacy for decentralized finance, which explains the go-to-market strategy of building privacy-preserving, interoperable DeFi solutions for the Cosmos ecosystem and other blockchains. We are collaborating with various contributors on the UniFi DAO, intended to support valuable projects and create a universal financial system that empowers all kinds of stakeholders. Of course, we believe privacy network effects make that possible. Look out for details about secret tokens like secretSCRT.

Upgrade Timeline

After the conclusion of Phase 2 (week of August 31) there will be a period of time before mainnet secret contracts are proposed to the network. This timeline will be shared publicly with all stakeholders as soon as it’s available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: mainnet requirements for node operators will be different than current testnet requirements. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the infrastructure committee and Enigma developers (preferably on the Secret Forum or Secret Chat). Please note that neither the Secret Foundation nor Enigma takes responsibility for the compatibility of any particular device, but we will continue to communicate actively about the most current information and available best practices for node operators.

This upgrade represents a major milestone for Secret Network and its ecosystem following years of research and development. It is likely the single most important event in its history! In order to make this important transition as smooth as possible, we will continue to facilitate coordination by means of efficient and effective communication. Please join this conversation on the Secret Chat and the Secret Forum.

To infinities, and beyond!

– Secret Foundation

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