Obi Joins the Confidential Computing Constellation

Obi will license Secret technology for its revolutionary all-chain smart accounts!

Secret Network
February 23, 2024

We’re excited to announce a partnership that will bring Obi, a new all-chain account abstraction protocol employing Secret Network technology, to the Confidential Computing Constellation!

Obi will be licensing technology for its all-chain accounts based on Secret Network’s TEE-powered private smart contract Сosmos SDK chain. The Obi network will serve the Obi account abstraction wallet and SDK, enabling additional throughput and redundancy and aligning stakeholders with the final product. Obi will be working closely with Secret Network’s core contributors to transfer their current product from app to network, and will be seeking out validators to participate in the new network.

This all-chain account technology will use SCRT as the gas coin for Obi’s core cryptographic operations, financially aligning the project with Secret Network and the larger constellation vision. To license TEE technology, Obi will transfer 8% of the supply of the future Obi protocol tokens to the Secret Network Community Pool. Tokens transferred will follow a vesting schedule. SCRT Labs will also be receiving a smaller allocation of Obi tokens.

SCRT Labs will be providing Obi with technical support in deploying and maintaining the new network, while Secret Network Foundation will be supporting with marketing.

Pete Keay, Obi’s Head of Technology, mentioned that “Confidential computing enables a new wave of exciting designs. Thanks to Secret Network technology and threshold signature MPC, Obi can offer seamless all-chain UX, recoverable non-custodial accounts, frontrunning protection, Fast Travel Tunnels, and more. We’re excited to work with the community to drive the easiest and safest user experience Web3 has ever seen.”

Alex Zaidelson, CEO of SCRT Labs, commented “I am excited about this deal. It is the first appchain in the Confidential Computing Constellation, and we hope that this partnership will pave the way for many more. I am personally hugely excited about Obi’s product and about Account Abstraction tech. I think that the great UX improvements promised by account abstraction technology will be one of the key drivers of the next wave of adoption.”

Lisa Loud, Executive Director of the Secret Network Foundation, stated “We are thrilled to see the Confidential Computing Constellation vision coming to life, and full of anticipation that our community will benefit from the success of Obi. This is the first step towards something much bigger with Secret Network at the center of the movement.”

Follow Obi’s Progress

Be sure to follow Obi on their Twitter/X and Telegram! You can also check out their developer documentation to learn more. As this project progresses and the Obi app-chain gets closer to launch, Secret Network will continue to provide regular updates as well.

Stay tuned!

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