Announcing the Secret Games Incentivized Testnet

Secret Network
June 19, 2020

⚠️ Disclaimer: The Secret Games are over as Secret is now live on mainnet! Were you looking for our testnet? Go to our docs.

With the recent completion of Milestone 3 of 3, we now have the ability to run CosmWasm contracts inside secure enclaves across the Secret Network. That means it’s time for the next phase!

The Secret Network community – including the Secret Foundation and Enigma team – are pleased to announce the Secret Games. During this period, node operators, developers, and community members can receive rewards (up to 1% of the total supply) for helping to secure, sustain, and grow Secret Network and the Secret ecosystem. The Secret Games will take place as we finalize testing “secret contracts” (privacy-preserving smart contracts on Secret Network) and propose this new functionality on mainnet.

One of the most critical pieces of the Secret Games is the incentivized testnet. During this phase, node operators will work together to stress-test secret contract functionality on Secret Network. Operators will set up their own “secret nodes” and receive rewards for successfully completing node-related missions. They will be guided and joined by existing validators on the Secret Network mainnet, including the Enigma team, Chain of Secrets,, and others.

While we have made mention of this testnet period before, today we are sharing further details about the proposed structure, rewards, and timelines. Please note that this is still a proposal, with changes possible and further details to come.

Phase 0: Internal Testing (now)

As Milestone 3 is now complete, we will continue to do internal testing to ensure the stability and security of the network.

Phase 1: Invite-only Incentivized Testnet (second half of July)

For this phase, up to 15 validators will be selected who have strong technical abilities, demonstrated commitment to Secret Network, and a proven track record of supporting Proof of Stake networks. This phase will focus on setting up Secret Network, launching Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)-based validators, and testing selected secret contracts. Participation in this phase will be limited to ensure our community can provide hands-on, timely support.

Expected Length: 2 Weeks

Expected Rewards: 125,000 SCRT

Phase 2: Open Incentivized Testnet (August)

The second testnet phase is open to all validators who would like to participate. Invited validators who succeed in Phase 1 will continue to run nodes in Phase 2 and support new validators alongside the community support team.

Expected Length: 4 Weeks

Expected Rewards: 150,000 SCRT

Other Rewards

In addition to the phase-specific rewards, there will also be additional rewards for activities related to successful attacks and work on documentation.


The following rewards will be given for successful attacks. These rewards will only be assigned after Phase 2 (open testnet), ensuring all validators have a chance to qualify for network attack rewards. All attacks must be properly documented to be eligible for rewards.

  • Best attack – 30,000 SCRT
  • Top 3 attacks – up to 20,000 SCRT each
  • Bug bounties – up to 15,000 SCRT
  • Break SGX – 35,000 SCRT (using latest SGX)
  • Theoretical encryption attacks – 15,000 SCRT


Best documentation after Phase 1 and Phase 2 of testnets – 5,000 SCRT each

In order to qualify for rewards in each phase, validators will need to achieve a minimum uptime (99%) and participate in certain basic network activities such as delegation, re-staking, deploying some provided secret contracts, etc.

The entire Secret Network community is excited to move to this next phase! If you are interested in participating as a “secret node,” please fill out this interest form.

Apply here!

You can also reference our documentation and SGX setup guide, with more improvements and updates coming soon! As we prepare for the secret contracts testnet, remember that you can already set up your own mainnet node today.

For support or questions, join our community at:


Secret Network is a privacy-first, blockchain-based protocol that allows decentralized applications to utilize encrypted data without revealing it. Using groundbreaking privacy technologies, Secret Network will allow developers to build new types of powerful, permissionless, privacy-preserving applications – Secret Apps.

Secret Network is a proof-of-stake network with a native coin, Secret (SCRT), that is used for staking, governance, and network fees. It is based on Cosmos SDK / Tendermint. The first version of Secret Network was launched in February 2020. Read our blog post “Introducing Secret Network for more information!

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