Altermail is LIVE on Mainnet!

Secret Network
October 5, 2021

Greetings community,

Today we are excited to announce that Altermail is officially live on mainnet! Altermail is the world’s first privacy-first, blockchain-based decentralized messaging service protocol, built on Secret Network. Altermail is not your standard email service communications platform (such as Gmail or Protonmail). Altermail takes a radical new approach to communication technology using Secret Network’s privacy guarantees as a fundamental component of the underlying architecture.

Using a secure data integrity sharing model that provides privacy by design, Altermail is trailblazing cutting edge security and data integrity by using public and private key integration into secret contracts on Secret Network to create immutable privacy guarantees.

Business ideas, payments, confidential information, files – all now protected and backed by blockchain-based messaging technology using Secret Network. This empowers users to privately communicate with peers, friends, or colleagues by using private messaging on Altermail!

Getting Started

Altermail uses the familiar user interface design that current email users are familiar with. Altermail will implement the Citadel.One wallet with potential integration of Keplr in the future, empowering Secret Network users to start their journey with Altermail seamlessly. For password protection, there will be private key recovery functionality if the user loses their password. This recovery is possible because encrypted passwords are stored directly in a Secret Contract.

Altermail is offering three special promotions to celebrate the launch of Altermail on mainnet:

(1) 50% all annual subscriptions for the first two weeks after the launch (10/4 – 10/18)

(2) Lifetime subscription to Altermail for $199 – available on for the first week after the launch! (10/4 – 10/11)

(3) An airdrop/promotion from the Altermail twitter

Using the NOWPayments option on the Altermail page, you can start using Altermail immediately today!



Altermail has also already signed an arrangement with two law firms to use Altermail as communication between lawyers and their clients for sharing sensitive data, bridging privacy from Secret Network directly to real world use cases.

Altermail will be adding support for SCRT in the near future, empowering the Secret Network community to be able to directly support and participate in Altermail!

Read more about Altermail.

Secret Grant #4: Altermail, A Decentralized Messaging Service dApp on Secret Network
Altermail, a private and decentralized messaging dApp built on Secret Network is going live soon! Come learn how to use this groundbreaking technology to preserve your privacy.


The Altermail community is focused on user experience, data immutability, and privacy. Altermail aims to add options to chat, create channels, and private in-calls in the future. Altermail’s goal is to reach millions of users by the end of 2022, including traditional institutions.

Are you interested in learning more about Altermail? Sign up on Altermail’s official website to learn how you can get involved with Altermail and gain early access to all of the new features and news of Altermail!

Check out the following link:

Altermail Links: Discord | Twitter | Website | Reddit | Instagram | Facebook

What now?

As Altermail and the rest of the Secret Network application layer continue to innovate, the Secret community is excited to see how privacy will continue to play an increasingly important role in Web3. Privacy is the key to unlocking the full value of a decentralized future, and the secret community is at the core of pushing this innovation in the blockchain domain. Interested in joining helping bringing privacy to Web3? Become a Secret Agent today.

Secret Network – Become a Secret Agent
Secret Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains.

What other applications, announcements, collaborations, and roadmaps lie in store for Secret Network? You’ll have to wait and see what other secrets October will bring… 🤫

Onwards and upwards!

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