Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap – June Update!

In May, we rolled out the Shockwave Alpha upgrade, featuring significant improvements to query nodes and exciting advancements in Secret NFTs. See what's on the horizon for Secret in June!

Secret Network
June 14, 2022

Greetings Secret community!

In May, we finally saw the arrival of Shockwave Alpha, the mainnet upgrade that has significantly improved query node throughput and laid the foundation for application growth. Also, the community-funded Fractionalized Secret NFT standard was completed (expect more on this soon!). Read along to learn more about what we’re building!

Looking ahead to June, we can soon expect JACKAL’s main launch, Sienna governance updates, and a new way to access and use ALTER by staking SCRT! Furthermore, Shade Protocol announced Shade bonds, which will launch in July. Last but not least, StarShell wallet will have a public beta in July.

Additionally, we see two new projects on the roadmap and the return of a third:
1) Bushi – is an arena fighting game. The team recently came out of their shadow-building mode and is showering details on their social channels. Give them a follow!

2) CertUp – a certification service that utilizes the SNIP-721 (Secret NFT) standard to create on-chain certificates.

3) PoolParty – previously known as StakePool. PoolParty has reworked its entire product vision and forged collaborations in the ecosystem to bring together the community to stake and win prizes while having fun!

View the whole Ecosystem Roadmap below:

Full pdf version including links

What’s Next?

As developers, development companies, and as a community, we will never stop building. There are countless use-cases, unique to Secret Network, left to explore. Keep following the official announcements channels (like Discord and Twitter) and the Secret Blog to stay up-to-date with the latest secrets as they are revealed…

The release of the June Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap follows our reveal of Shockwave in early January of 2022. With more products being funded and built, more creators launching on Secret Network, and more supporters and partners than ever helping to ensure our global growth, the future has never been brighter for Web3 privacy.

If you’re a developer, you can also read through our latest announcements re: the new $225M Secret Ecosystem Fund, which contain details on how to connect with the SCRT Labs team and the rest of our developer ecosystem. Additionally, check out Secret Network grants and get started building today!

Secret Network Announces $400M in Ecosystem Funding & New Investors
DeFiance Capital, Alameda Research, CoinFund, HashKey, and more join the Secret ecosystem – and we reveal $400M in ecosystem funding with support from 25 organizations!

If you’re anyone who is passionate about ensuring Web3 users have the data privacy protections they need and deserve, become a Secret Agent. It is our mission to make sure the decentralized web we’re building is one that truly empowers – and one that is accessible to all.

How to Become a Secret Agent | Secret Network
Get rewards, access secret events, and earn unique NFTs and Secret Swag – all while helping us defend the privacy of the decentralized web!

Thank you for your support – the Shockwave is just starting! 🤫

Onwards and upwards!

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