The GOV.DAO Incentivized Testnet is Now Live!

This initiative invites DAO enthusiasts, developers, and visionaries to participate in testing GOV.DAO, a cross-chain, privacy-preserving DAO tooling platform.

Secret Network
March 19, 2024

Note: This blog post was written by the GOV.DAO team. We’re featuring this post on the Secret Network blog to help bring exposure to their testnet announcement.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the GOV.DAO incentivized testnet campaign! This initiative invites DAO enthusiasts, developers, and visionaries to participate in testing the MVP version of our cross chain, privacy-preserving DAO tooling.

Our Development Journey

The support from our grant from SCRT Labs & technical development partnership with AART underscores the confidence in our vision, but also accelerates our mission to simplify and enhance DAO operations. We’ve developed a suite of tools that promise to redefine governance in the decentralized world, emphasizing privacy, security, and user-centric design.

Key Features of GOV.DAO MVP:

Dashboard with DAO Holdings: Displays balances of the DAO, including the ability to add various tokens (initially SNIP-20 tokens). Next step: Wrap & add ERC20’s to DAOs

Treasury Management: Allows adding funds to the DAO with detailed memos for record-keeping, supporting Next step: Downloads of accounting records as CSV. 

Treasury Allocations: Enables allocation of funds to specific purposes like community support or research and development, with controls for permissions on spending these funds.

Proposal Management: Users can create, vote on, and resolve proposals, with the system recording outcomes and affecting treasury allocations accordingly.

Role and Permission Management: The platform supports detailed user role and permission configurations, crucial for managing access and operational capabilities within the DAO. 

Dynamic Proposal Expiration and Quorum Settings: Offers the ability to set proposal expiration times and quorum requirements, enhancing governance flexibility. 

Public Forum Integration: A dedicated space for DAO members to discuss investments, strategies, and other topics relevant to the DAO’s operation.

Cross-chain Support and Metamask Integration: Demonstrates cross-chain functionality and integration with MetaMask for wider cryptocurrency ecosystem compatibility.

We’re excited to invite users to explore and test our early-stage product demo! This is a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with our platform and contribute to its development. We highly value your feedback and insights, which can significantly shape the product’s evolution. Join us on our Discord server to share your thoughts, suggest improvements, and engage with our community.

Watch the MVP demo feature showcase:

Why Participate?

By joining our testnet, you’re stepping into a community dedicated to improving DAO governance. Your feedback and insights are crucial in refining our tools to meet the diverse needs of DAOs globally. This is your chance to influence the development of a platform that stands at the forefront of decentralized governance innovation.

Join the Zealy Ambassador Program

The Zealy Ambassador Program is for those passionate about contributing to and advocating for GOV.DAO’s growth. Ambassadors will gain early access to our tools, participate in exclusive events,earn XP, and connect with like-minded individuals in the DAO ecosystem.

Incentives for Early Ambassadors & Testers

In our Zealy Program, participating and earning XP points not only signifies your active contribution to GOV.DAO but also positions you for future rewards. Accumulated XP & active contributions will be a key factor in determining eligibility for any future GOV.DAO token airdrop, rewarding your engagement and support in shaping the GOV.DAO ecosystem. This initiative highlights the value of community involvement and the tangible benefits of contributing to the development of a more democratic and effective governance framework in the Web3 space.

How to Get Involved

Join Our Discord Server: Our Discord is the central hub for all discussions, updates, and support related to the testnet campaign and Zealy Ambassador Program. Connect with other DAO enthusiasts and the GOV.DAO team.

Apply for the Zealy Ambassador Program: Take an active role in our community as an Ambassador. Your efforts in promoting and refining GOV.DAO will help us shape the future of DAO governance.

Sign Up for the Testnet: Explore GOV.DAO’s features and capabilities on our testnet. Your participation and feedback are invaluable for the iterative development of our platform.

Looking Ahead

The feedback from our testnet campaign and the contributions of our Zealy Ambassadors will guide the next stages to GOV.DAO’s platform development. Our aim is to launch an intuitive, powerful, and secure DAO governance suite that addresses the needs of decentralized communities across the globe.

We’re excited to embark on this journey with you. Together, we can lay the groundwork for democratic, efficient, and confidential DAO governance. Stay connected for updates, and feel free to reach out on Discord with any questions or suggestions. Let’s build better governance together!

The GOV.DAO Team

Disclaimer: This product demo represents an early stage of development and should not be considered indicative of the final product. The features and functionalities demonstrated are subject to change as the product evolves. This demo is intended to provide a glimpse into the potential capabilities of the product, but it does not guarantee the inclusion or performance of these features in the eventual release. We advise viewers to keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and we are continuously working to improve and refine our product based on feedback and technological advancements. Please treat this demo as a conceptual showcase rather than a definitive representation of the finished product.

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