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September 17, 2020

⚠️ Disclaimer: Secret Committees no longer exist—the way to get involved in Secret Network is to join our revamped Secret Agency!

Hello to the community!

We are constantly collectively exploring ways for Secret Network participants (Secret Agents) to better coordinate and collaborate with each other in pursuit of our overall mission: To improve adoption and usability of decentralized technologies with privacy at their core.

Secret Committees | Secret Network Wiki
Privacy is a Public Good

With the launch of secret contracts on mainnet, Secret Foundation has begun to receive a percentage of network inflation as funding. As we are committed to the growth and adoption of Secret Network and to empowering our community, we are planning to experiment with allocating resources to various committees and specific groups. Members will have access to unique opportunities to collaborate on projects, e.g. website makeover, content production, and Secret Merchandise.

🔎  If you have what it takes to be a Secret Agent, join the governance channel in our Discord in order to partake in our weekly debriefings.

🕵️ Read on to learn how you can get involved and earn rewards by contributing value in our ecosystem. All are welcome to participate!

Community-Led Governance

Everyone has the power to make a difference! The Secret Network blockchain is governed by its community. All are welcome to submit a proposal for consideration by the validators and their delegators.

Secret Network Governance
Learn how anyone can help determine and contribute to the future of the SecretNetwork with governance proposals! Hello, Secret Agents! Today, we’re focusing on a key aspect of the SecretNetwork: governance. As you may already know, our community of validators launched a blockchain[…

In addition to the binding on-chain governance mechanisms, our community uses off-chain frameworks to help organize and coordinate Secret Network participants. We believe transparency and inclusivity help interconnected projects drive progress through collaboration. Ultimately, cooperation and trust are necessary for sustainability of the network and its ecosystem.

The Role of Secret Foundation

Secret Foundation is a unique organization in the Secret Network ecosystem. Our team is dedicated to building, researching, and scaling adoption of decentralized, privacy-first technologies for the public good. Overall, the guiding values are usability, sustainability, impact, and empowerment. We help to steward committees and provide necessary resources.

Mission: To advance privacy as a human right and public good; to empower individuals through development and use of decentralized technologies; to protect freedom and create more valuable systems by eliminating data monopolies; and to build a sustainable network, foundation, and community that will work to instill these core values around the world.

Among other activities, the Secret Foundation will: help establish efficient and effective governance and communication practices for the Secret Network community (and the Foundation itself), produce useful educational materials, and advance research and development of privacy-preserving networks and applications while maintaining a global presence that helps to expand their positive impact and universal adoption.

Secret Foundation Signal Proposal
Hi all, I am following up from a previous thread to share that the Secret Foundation has made an on-chain signaling proposal concerning the self-sustainability of the foundation and updating the community on our progress. Thanks to for their assistance in submitting this.…

Following the recent upgrade, Secret Foundation is receiving 15 percent of all SCRT inflation. Our plan is to redistribute those resources to contributors in the community, and we hope to incentivize quality participation by compensating leaders of committees and collaborating with any/all ecosystem contributors.

Stay in the loop by adding this public event calendar, which includes our weekly meetings.

Getting Organized

If you’d like to get more involved in our ecosystem, we have five different committees working on projects related to development, infrastructure, education, awareness, and governance.

Dev Committee

This committee has been focused on updating our documentation and improving developer experience overall. As a result, we now have an evolving development guide, which explains how to deploy and instantiate a secret contract. It also features a demo “Secret Voting” app created by Taariq Levack:

How To Build Secret Apps: An Evolving Development Guide
This walkthrough includes a tutorial for deploying and instantiating your first Secret Contract, along with a demo application, Secret Voting!

Meetings on Discord every Monday at 3pm UTC


  • engineering a secret source of truth


  • onboarding valuable contributors
  • building useful secret apps together


  • improve documentation for developers
  • build tooling and other useful things


  • hackathons and workshops
  • Secret Points: SourceCred reputation based on GitHub contributions

Infrastructure Committee

A dedicated group of validators worked together to identify SGX-compatible hardware in preparation for the mainnet upgrade. This document represents a culmination of painstaking efforts contacting original equipment manufacturers and virtual service providers. We are so grateful to the members of the Infrastructure Committee for all their help!

SGX Support | Secret Network Wiki
Privacy is a Public Good

Meetings on Discord on Tuesdays at 4pm UTC


  • coordinate research into OEMs and cloud service providers that support SGX


  • staying up-to-date on hardware issues


  • improving documentation for validators


  • gathering a list of compatible hardware solutions

Governance Committee

This committee is responsible for bringing all the committees together and coordinating members to develop an integrated roadmap, including hackathons, Secret App launches, governance proposals, and other projects in our community. The Governance Committee also reviews on-chain proposals and supports anyone interested in learning more about Secret Network governance.

Meetings on Discord every Wednesday at 3pm UTC


  • facilitating coordination of Secret Network participants


  • promoting transparent collaboration
  • inviting everyone to join our committees
  • communicating about proposals, voting, etc.


  • making decisions together


  • building accountability system for projects organized by committees
  • discussing project updates and governance issues
  • evaluating on-chain proposals

Education Committee

This committee is led by Carter Woetzel and Mohammed Patla of Secure Secrets, who are focused on producing content to educate potential contributors. Our community is full of talented creators! Here is a schedule of all videos, blog posts, and more in the Education committee folder:

Secret Calendar
Primary Calendar Pub Date,Title,Status,Type,Draft,Final,Contributors,Reviewed by:,Target Audience,Notes9/1/2020,Launching Secret Network’s Mainnet Upgrade “Vulcan” — A Preview,Posted,Article,draft,<a href=“…

Meetings on Discord every Thursday at 3pm UTC

Secure Secrets’ initial proposal for the Education committee


  • helping anyone understand the importance of programmable privacy


  • producing relevant and accessible content
  • clarifying the value of Secret Network and our technologies


  • creating effective content efficiently


  • Secret Foundation Wiki
  • Content Calendar

Awareness Committee

This committee is focused on projects involving the distribution, i.e. amplification, of content related to Secret Network. Join this committee to learn about sustainable ways to help us grow! You might also consider it a Marketing Committee, which plans and implements strategic campaigns. Also, we analyze the success of various initiatives to gather insights and improve brand positioning. Stay tuned for reports on the success of our collective promotional efforts.

Meetings on Discord every Friday at 3pm UTC


  • sharing content in order to drive adoption and community growth


  • increasing brand awareness
  • identifying important channels and communities
  • connecting with high-leverage individuals and organizations


  • distributing / amplifying relevant content


  • Secret branding and merchandise
  • organizing meaningful community outreach
  • supporting Education committee and related project groups

Models and Processes for Adaptive Accountability

During a recent education committee meeting, a secret wizard suggested a model for assigning responsibilities to members of a project group. For example, this open-source website project involves different contributors who work together in pursuit of a common goal, while focused on specific tasks. This RACI framework evaluates deliverables or activities based on who is responsible for what and how.

Contributors have to be Responsive, Accountable, Consulted, or Informed about every piece of each puzzle. Importantly, project groups can belong to multiple committees – or no committee. That means project leaders decide on the structure and processes. Overall, this accountability system will evolve into an even more decentralized model, potentially adapting the committee module Kava built.

DeFi for Crypto. Contribute to Kava-Labs/kava development by creating an account on GitHub.

Of course, Secret Network is not governed by any committee. It’s governed by all kinds of people, including you. There is much at stake for the world as our global community addresses the problem of data privacy and control. Everyone makes a difference! How can you get involved? Generally speaking, members of a committee will propose a project, volunteer to contribute, and report on the progress. Monthly ecosystem updates, like these from August and September, include a summary of the reports from each committee.

Starting a New Committee

There should be a refined process for establishing new committees and forming project groups within committees. Currently, the basic structure of a committee is membership, whether in a Discord channel (Education / Infrastructure), GitHub organization (Development / Governance) or Google Sheet (Awareness).

We’d recommend starting a project group in the context of another committee before trying to start your own. However, Secret Foundation is happy to support any committees which add value to the overall ecosystem, like our new secret committees 🤫

If you have any ideas or questions, we can discuss in this forum thread:

Secret Network Committees
Hi everyone! I’m excited to be collaborating with Secret Foundation to help organize committees with specific goals and responsibilities. The Secret Network community has been using our weekly governance discussions as a kind of template for additional groups, each with a distinct purpose. Committe…

You can learn more about our committees on the Secret Wiki, and we hope you will join the official Secret Chat on Discord. When you are ready, jump in the official Secret Google Drive to discover projects and start collaborating with us!

To Infinities and Beyond 🛸🛸🛸

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