Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with Aurora

Secret's Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with Aurora, unlocking new capabilities for Aurora and NEAR Protocol dApps!

Secret Network
May 30, 2024

We’re excited to announce a partnership and integration of Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer with Aurora, a next-generation Ethereum compatible blockchain and ecosystem that runs on the NEAR Protocol! Through this partnership, Secret Network will provide Aurora with confidential computing tooling, documentation, and support. This will unlock brand new capabilities for applications in the Aurora ecosystem, and potentially for the NEAR ecosystem as well!

Some examples of what this can enable are private voting for DAOs, encrypted order books for DeFi applications, secure random number generation for games, access to confidential data via NFTs, sealed-bid auctions for NFTs and other assets, and encrypted storage for various types of applications!

By integrating Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer with Aurora, we’re paving the way for exciting new Web3 use-cases. We’re excited to see what will be built!

What is Aurora?

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) created by the team at the NEAR Protocol, delivering a turn-key solution for developers to operate their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, scalable and future-safe platform, with low transaction costs for their users. The Aurora environment consists of the Aurora Engine, a high performance EVM, and the Aurora Bridge, facilitating trustless transfer of ETH and ERC-20 tokens between Ethereum and Aurora, within a great user experience. 

Contracts on Aurora can also communicate with contracts on NEAR via cross-contract calls (XCC). Using this method, it’s now theoretically possible to build a NEAR application that communicates with Secret Network to utilize decentralized confidential computing, using Aurora as a messaging bridge!

Start Utilizing Confidential Computing on Aurora

Start building on Aurora by checking out their developer documentation.

Next, check out Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer landing page to get an overview of how it works, and example use-cases for inspiration. From there you’ll find multiple links to our documentation, including the EVM developer toolkit. This page includes tutorials for applications you can build, and information on connecting your Aurora application to Secret!

To get development help from the Aurora community, join their Discord or Telegram, and to get help from the Secret Network community, join our Discord or Telegram. Additionally, if you want to get in touch with the Secret Network devrel team directly, you can use this form.

Secret’s Partnership with Aurora

We’re excited to embark on this journey with Aurora, and intend to provide dedicated support to their growing ecosystem! In addition to today’s announcement, we’re also discussing future collaborations such as joint hackathon bounties, developer workshops, and in-person and virtual events. We hope to see many successful projects built as a result of this partnership!

Join in on the discussion on the Secret Network community channels!

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