SecretSwap v2 is Now Live!

Secret Network
May 18, 2021

Hello to the Secret community!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new SecretSwap – featuring a complete UX redesign, multiple performance and stability improvements, and more!

The SecretSwap application now lives at, where you can swap assets, contribute to liquidity, and start earning as an LP! There’s over $100M in Ethereum assets already at work in Secret DeFi and over $50M in liquidity on SecretSwap – making it already one of the most-used DEXes that isn’t built on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. In fact, thanks to Secret Bridges, SecretSwap will interoperate with both chain – and many more.

SecretSwap is the first front-running resistant, cross-chain, and privacy-first AMM. By leveraging Secret Network’s underlying privacy technologies, we’re introducing critical privacy and security improvements to DeFi. We’ve worked hard to ensure that a product as innovative as SecretSwap still feels good in your hands – simple to use, fast and responsive, easy to navigate, and with cheap fees. We hope you enjoy these improvements!

A look at the new Dark Mode for SecretSwap v2.

Now there’s also a dedicated page for LPs to Earn, located at It’s easy to start earning 50-200% APYs: add liquidity to pools, stake your LP tokens, and start earning $SEFI – the native governance token of Secret DeFi and SecretSwap! As more pools and assets are added, you might some additional Earn opportunities appear…

A small selection of some of the Earn pools for LPs.

For this launch, we’ve clearly separated out the Secret Bridge, which lives at As we work to add more bridges and more asset support to the Secret DeFi ecosystem, it’s important to have a standalone page where users can create Secret Token versions of their Ethereum-based assets and other assets. This page should get more interesting very soon…

A look at the new Secret Bridge – with improvements and additions coming soon…

As mentioned in previous posts, there are multiple bridges in development that will connect the Secret ecosystem to other blockchains, including the Binance Smart Chain Bridge, Plasm Network bridge to Polkadot, Monero Bridge, and many more. We are also looking to take advantage of the recent launch of IBC: as Secret Network is a Cosmos-based blockchain, IBC allows the network to connect easily with other Cosmos chains! All of these bridges help secure Secret Network’s position as a privacy and liquidity hub for the entire blockchain universe.

Oh, and there’s some other Secret bridges as well… but maybe it’s not time to talk about those just yet. Stay tuned 🤫

RainbowBridge · ETHGlobal Showcase
Cross-chain asset bridge to connect Secret Network to Polygon

What’s Next?

While the launch of SecretSwap v2 is a momentous milestone, work is already underway towards SecretSwap v3! Beyond all the new bridges and asset support, features we’ve written about in the past are quickly becoming realities.

For example, we’re implementing a feature called cashback, rewarding the most active traders on SecretSwap by allowing them to claim a share of $SEFI being generated. Imagine getting extra rewards just for trading like usual!

We’re also implementing new governance features, allowing SEFI holders to directly impact the evolution of SecretSwap and Secret DeFi. They’ll also be able to vote to spend a SEFI-funded development pool on important initiatives and improvements.

Of course, SecretSwap is far from the only application in the Secret Network ecosystem. Secret Network is the only mainnet Layer 1 blockchain with data privacy for smart contracts, enabling never-before-possible decentralized applications. In the near future, you can expect to see testnet and mainnet launches for other applications and protocols that leverage this unique Secret power, helping revolutionize DeFi, NFTs, and more.

We normally don’t like to tease dates. So for now – just watch the Secret Blog, the Secret Network Twitter, and the SecretSwap Twitter. Or if you want even more insight into what’s next, join our core communities, like the Secret Forum, SecretSwap subforum, Secret Discord, Secret Telegram, or SecretSwap Telegram.

Privacy is critical to human empowerment and to securing the future of the decentralized web. That’s why we’d love to help you start using SecretSwap and Secret Network today. There has never been a better time than now.

Onwards and upwards!

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