Introducing The Puzzle Committee

Secret Network
November 11, 2020

⚠️ Disclaimer: You currently can’t join the Puzzle Committee anymore. But if you want to contribute to Secret Network, the best way to do so is to become a Secret Agent!

Puzzle is constantly evolving to serve the needs of the Secret Network community. Today, we’re introducing a new committee that will allow the community to more directly impact Puzzle development and contribute to its growth.

The Puzzle Mission

At Puzzle, we focus on blockchain analytics & coalition building. Our primary mission is to enable users to truly understand what is happening on blockchain networks in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner. Our secondary mission is the empowerment of members within the Puzzle Committee to have a meaningful impact on the direction of development for Puzzle. We intend to achieve this by opening up some of our internal processes to the public through The Puzzle Committee and experimenting with ways to best integrate public ideas into our development cycle.

A look at the current state of Puzzle.

The Puzzle Committee


  • Collect feedback and feature requests for Puzzle.
  • Determine the biggest pain points users are having with Puzzle.
  • Implement features that empower users, committees, and other ecosystem participants.

Committee Responsibilities

Making sure Puzzle development continues to meet the needs of the Secret Network community.


The Puzzle Committee meets weekly at on Tuesdays, 4pm UTC in the public voice “meeting room” on the Secret Discord.


1. User surfaced bugs addressed.
2. User surfaced feature ideas implemented.
3. User surfaced improvements made.

Leadership & Membership

Committee Leadership: The committee will be led by Jacob and Ian from Secret LLC, ultimately we take all responsibility and ownership behind committee related initiatives.

Membership: Membership in this committee will have a few different levels depending on how someone wants to contribute.

1. Casual: Casual membership means occasional attendance of committee calls or dropping Puzzle suggestion by the discord.

2. Power Users: Power users are the individuals and/or organizations that we regularly consult with as we develop Puzzle.

Member Empowerment

Users are empowered when they are heard. So at a base level everyone who participates in the committee will have direct access to surface bugs, feature ideas, or just suggest improvement. In turn, we incorporate this directly into our development roadmap based on priority. On a deeper level, Power Users will be able to determine exactly how a feature gets implemented. A prime example is empowering Chain of Secrets to determine how support for the holodeck testnet is implemented, what unique differences would be needed, and where we point users to learn more when trying to get testnet support. We hope to find other committees and network participants to work directly with on features as we progress.

Member Benefits

  1. API access. (non-members will not get API access at all)
  2. Power Users in the Committee who are also node runners get included in the “Puzzle Set”.

The Puzzle Set

The “Puzzle Set” would consist of committee members who are Power Users and run a Secret Node. Inclusion in the set means certain features are only unlocked for users who have a stake with each validator in the “Puzzle Set”. Additionally there would be exclusive features only available to Validators in the “Puzzle Set”.

Founding Power Users

Chain of Secrets, Mario, and Secure Secrets, and Jan from the analytics committee.

Join the Committee!

To join the Puzzle Committee, you must first become a Secret Agent! Secret Agents are the heart of the Secret Network community and receive special access and opportunities. Register yourself by filling out this short form – and make sure to express your interest in the Puzzle committee!

Disclosures & Full Transparency

These disclosures, the disclosure of our business model, and other information in this post are intended to give you the information needed to determine what conflicts of interest may potentially exist when working with us.

Puzzle Business Model

Our business model is quite simple. We are block producers; we exclusively make money from staking and validation. On the Secret Network, we’ve also successfully been funded through two on-chain proposals we are actively delivering on. The first covered managing the creation of the ENG to SCRT burn. The second covered the initial funding needed to create Puzzle.

  1. Currently we do no validating on other networks. (Nov 10th, 2020)
  2. The sole owners of Secret LLC are IanDixon & Jacob Jackson. We have no outside investors and currently have no intention of bringing on any other owners.
  3. Secret LLC runs Puzzle.Report & (For more information about, please visit the site.)
  4. The Puzzle Committee does not receive compensation from any 3rd parties.

We will disclose publicly if the accuracy of these current disclosures change.

~ Ian Dixon, CEO and cofounder & Jacob Jackson, CTO and cofounder, Secret LLC (,

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