SCRT Labs Grants Program Q2’24 Cohort Now Open For Submissions

The SCRT Labs Grants Program is now open again for project submissions!

Secret Network
March 14, 2024

Following the successful relaunch of the Grants Program late last year, SCRT Labs and Secret Network Foundation are excited to announce the second cohort of grants!

We all realize, hopefully with a grain of humbleness, that we are in the bull market, and it is time to buidl. In this cohort, we will be deploying an equivalent of up to 300,000 SCRT to 4-5 leading projects.

Q2 Cohort Focus

In this Q2 grant program, we would like to call on the applicants to explore the following areas:

  • DeFi
  • AI
  • DePin

The solutions can be across various industries, like finance (e.g. on-chain payroll), scientific research, health services, DAO management and other enterprise use cases.

Priority will also be given to projects that utilize our EVM Development Toolkit, i.e. where part of the application runs on an EVM chain.

Projects in other areas are also welcome, of course!

Project-based Bounties

In this cohort, we’re also issuing a bounty proposal for a team willing to implement the a project based on concepts described in MIT Media Lab’s Community Transformers, allowing confidential LLM interaction on Secret Network. We are calling on developers proficient with AI and blockchain to talk to us about this bounty.

Q2 Cohort Timing

  • Starting March 15, 2024
  • Submission Process: Open for the first 3 weeks
  • Selection Process: Weeks 3-5 involve team interviews and selection
  • Announcement: Grant recipients revealed in Week 6

Milestone-Based Funding

The funding is based on milestones. In most cases, mainnet deployment and actual usage of the product will be required to complete the grant.

Selection Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on:

  • Benefit to the ecosystem
  • Relevance to the focus areas and the Secret Network Roadmap
  • Innovation
  • Team strength
  • Preference for projects with prior funding from other sources

Code Licensing Requirements

Open-source projects with non-restrictive licensing, such as MIT, Apache 2.0, 2-Clause BSD, or similar licenses, will be preferred.

How to Apply

Whether you’re starting a new project, or want to improve an existing one, we invite you to submit a grant application by opening a GitHub issue here

For reference of a successful application and milestones setup, please see the winning projects from the previous cohort:

Thank you for being an integral part of the Secret community. Let’s innovate, build, and shape the future together!

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