Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with Scroll

Secret's Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with Scroll, unlocking new DeCC capabilities for Scroll dApps!

Secret Network
July 1, 2024

We’re excited to announce a partnership and integration of Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer with Scroll, the L2 network built by Ethereum devs for Ethereum devs! Through this partnership, Secret Network will provide Scroll with decentralized confidential computing (DeCC) tooling, documentation, and support. This will unlock powerful new capabilities for applications in the Scroll ecosystem!

Some examples of what this can enable are private voting for DAOs, encrypted storage for various applications, secure random number generation for games, confidential data linked to NFTs, sealed-bid auctions for NFTs and other assets, and encrypted order books for DeFi applications!

By integrating Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer with Scroll, we’re unlocking new utility for the future of Ethereum!

What is Scroll?

Scroll is building the technology to scale Ethereum. 

While Ethereum is the leading blockchain network for powering decentralized applications, its popularity also brings higher costs, creating a barrier to adoption for the next wave of users and developers. 

Leveraging cutting-edge research in zero knowledge (”zk”) proofs , Scroll is building a Layer 2 rollup network on Ethereum. The team, in open-source collaboration with others in the Ethereum community, has created a “zkEVM” that allows for all activity on the network, which behaves just like Ethereum, to be secured by smart contracts on Ethereum. The network publishes all of the transactions to Ethereum, and the zkEVM creates and publishes cryptographic “proofs” that the Scroll network is following the rules of Ethereum. 

Ultimately, Ethereum smart contracts verify that every transaction on Scroll is valid for these proofs, lending the network incredible security, decentralization, and censorship resistance. This level of security and scalability for Ethereum is only possible with recent breakthroughs in zero knowledge cryptography, blockchain protocol design, and hardware acceleration.

Start Utilizing Confidential Computing on Scroll

You can start building on Scroll by checking out their developer documentation.

Next, check out Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer landing page to get an overview of how it works, and example use-cases for inspiration. From there you’ll find multiple links to our documentation, including the EVM developer toolkit. This page includes tutorials for applications you can build, and information on connecting your Scroll application to Secret!

To get development help from the Scroll community, check out their Discord, and to get help from the Secret Network community, join our Discord or Telegram. Additionally, if you want to get in touch with the Secret Network devrel team directly, you can use this form.

What’s next?

We’re excited to work with Scroll and provide dedicated support to their ecosystem! In addition to today’s announcement, we’re also discussing future collaborations such as joint hackathon bounties and grants, developer workshops, and in-person and virtual events. We’re excited to see what gets built!

This integration with Scroll is yet another significant milestone in Secret Network’s mission to bring decentralized confidential (DeCC) computing to all of Web3!

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