Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge is Live on Testnet!

Secret Network
May 4, 2021
Notice: This content is outdated, you can now use Secret Tunnel to bridge assets from Binance Smart Chain to Secret.

Hello to the community!

As a follow-up to our previous announcement that the Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge had entered active development, today we are thrilled to share that the Secret BSC Bridge has launched on testnet!

Secret bridges bring programmable privacy to assets from other ecosystems, allowing them to enter Secret Network as privacy-preserving “Secret Tokens.” Secret Tokens are a powerful concept – they’re programmable like ERC-20s and usable in applications, but they remain private by default like Monero and similar coins. They can represent any asset, or they can be fully native to Secret Network.

The launch of the Secret BSC Bridge will allow assets on BSC to flow to and from Secret Network and to be used within Secret DeFi applications such as SiennaSwap, a front-running resistant, cross-chain, and privacy-first AMM.

This is the third Secret Bridge to pass the testnet stage, joining the Secret Ethereum Bridge (already live on mainnet and securing over $100M in Ethereum assets) and the Secret Plasm Bridge (MVP recently launched on testnet, helping facilitate a connection between Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems). Now our work continues to ensure the Secret BSC Bridge arrives on mainnet ASAP!

You can view and interact with the BSC testnet bridge at:

If you’d like to test the bridge for yourself but aren’t familiar with the BSC testnet, check out this Binance Smart Chain Testnet Faucet. You’ll also want to reference the documentation for using Binance Smart Chain in Metamask. To get testnet SCRT coins, use the Secret Testnet Faucet with Keplr Wallet.

This continues a series of exciting BSC-related announcements for Secret Network, as we recently shared that SCRT is now available on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token. Even though the Secret BSC Bridge has yet to launch on mainnet, users can already directly withdraw their SCRT from Binance as a BEP20 asset and deposit BEP20 SCRT onto Binance.

You can learn more in this blog post:

SCRT is Now Available on Binance Smart Chain!
SCRT is now available on Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to utilize SCRT as a BEP20 within the BSC DeFi ecosystem! Learn about more next steps – including the Secret BSC bridge – in this blog post.

What’s Next?

Launching one new bridge is exciting enough, but the bulk of the work on the Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge will ensure that all future bridge launches are easier to support and sustain. The work done to expand both the bridge UI and the bridge infrastructure to support multiple chains will make future expansions easier and smoother – whether it’s bridging to the Polkadot ecosystem, other EVM chains, or even other Cosmos-based chains… 🤫

In addition, there’s been a substantial number of code optimizations made, as well as work done on a more robust node infrastructure to support additional user interest and traffic. This will (hopefully!) allow for a smoother launch experience for this bridge and future bridges on mainnet. And of course, there will be ongoing improvements to Secret DeFi products that rely on Secret Bridges… 🤫

As we continue to welcome new participants to our ecosystem, there’s dozens of ways for you to get involved immediately. Try out the Secret BSC testnet bridge, use the Secret Ethereum Bridge on mainnet, start swapping Secret Tokens or providing liquidity (and earn up to 100-200% APY!), or come join our communities (like Discord and the Secret Forum) to meet the thousands of passionate Secret Agents that support our ecosystem!

Arrington Capital, Blocktower Capital, Spartan Group, Skynet Trading Acquire $11.5M Position in SCRT
Arrington Capital and Blocktower Capital are leading multiple organizations acquiring a $11.5M position in SCRT, the native coin of Secret Network, to help support growth of privacy-preserving applications on Secret Network.

If you want to see more assets supported on Secret Network and by Secret Bridges – especially BEP20 assets on Binance Smart Chain – you can register your interest using the Bridge Interest Form. We’d love to help you provide liquidity to our ecosystem and bring programmable privacy to your assets.

We are building Secret Network to be a data privacy and liquidity hub for the blockchain universe. These new bridges – along with applications like SecretSwap and new primitives like Secret NFTs – are critical to its ongoing growth. Join us, and help us secure the future of the decentralized web.

Onwards and upwards!

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