The Romulus Upgrade

Secret Network
June 16, 2020

After the passage of Proposal 13, Secret Network will undergo its first hard fork, known as The Romulus Upgrade.

Proposal 13, The Romulus Upgrade Proposal, has now passed on Secret Network! This hard fork was initiated with a signaling proposal on-chain and is scheduled to take place Wednesday, June 17th at 12:00 UTC (5am PDT, 8am EDT).

The upgrade is a decentralized effort involving key network contributors and 28 validator operators and is the final step in completing the Secret re-branding from Enigma Blockchain to Secret Network.

With the passage of this proposal, we are expecting to launch the Secret-1 chain at a block height of 1,794,500, which will occur at approximately 9am PDT, 12pm EST, 4pm UTC.

Between the Romulus Upgrade and the announcement of the Secret Foundation, we are truly excited to see the evolution and growth of the Secret ecosystem – now including the foundation, the active network of “secret nodes”, Secret Agents (dedicated community members), the core Enigma development team, and key technical contributors (including and Chain of Secrets!).

Much work has gone into this upgrade, and special thanks must to Ian and Jacob from who did the initial work on the proposal and code changes. Their efforts helped us to take up the charge, complete the work, and perform testing for the new chain. We also had help from other key contributors and are grateful for their efforts in making this significant milestone possible.

Details of The Romulus Upgrade can be seen in our Chain of Secrets GitHub repository and includes detailed instructions for the upgrade here.

Chain of Secrets will be leading this upgrade and coordinating validator efforts, which you can follow in these Rocket.Chat channels:

We’re excited for the completion of this rebranding and for the future of Secret Network!

Chain of Secrets is a Secret Network Validator and a key contributor to the Secret Network ecosystem.

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