Secret Network joins the Polygon Solution Provider Network

Secret Network’s Privacy as a Service support is expanding to Polygon!

Secret Network
January 25, 2024

Secret Network’s Privacy as a Service support is expanding to Polygon!

As detailed in the 2024 Secret Network Development Roadmap, a large part of our focus for this year is on providing Secret’s confidential computation capabilities to other blockchains, especially within the EVM ecosystem. This is made possible through cross-chain communication protocols such as Axelar GMP, Wormhole, and other custom solutions. Over the past several months, our teams have been developing Privacy as a Service “building blocks” to make it easier for developers to integrate Secret into their existing applications. One of the first EVM chains that we started working with was Polygon, as it provided an EVM development environment with fast transaction times, low cost transactions, and robust tooling and documentation.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve joined the Polygon Solution Provider Network, a platform connecting Polygon developers with tooling, infrastructure, and other types of service providers:

By providing confidential computation to Polygon, Secret Network is extending its reach to one of the top EVM layer 2 blockchains, and opening up its doors to a massive developer community!

Polygon SPN

The Polygon Solution Provider Network makes it easy for developers to find, evaluate, and connect to the best-suited providers for their projects. From the SPN Explore page, developers can browse and search for project names, or filter by categories in order to find the specific solutions the need. For example, if someone filters by the Privacy and Security category, at the time of this writing Secret Network is one of only seven projects that are displayed. Secret can also be found in the DAO Tooling, NFT Infra, General Infra, Oracle, and Account Abstraction categories.

Once a developer lands on the Secret Network SPN profile page, they can easily learn more information by reading a short bio and clicking on links to case studies. There are also links to all of Secret Network’s official social media channels, and the developer documentation. Most importantly of all though, the “Connect With Us” button opens up a form and allows developers to send a message directly to the Secret Network team.

We look forward to connecting with developers that want to incorporate confidential computation into their Polygon dApps!

Want to Build with Privacy?

Right now, you can start utilizing Secret Network’s confidential computation in your applications, whether you’re building on Secret Network, an EVM chain, a Cosmos chain, or virtually any other blockchain. To get started, take a look at our developer documentation. There are specific sections for EVM cross-chain development and IBC cross-chain development. There’s also a page on design concepts of Privacy as a Service, in case you need some inspiration.

If you’d like to get involved with the Secret Network developer community, some of the best resources are the Discord and Telegram. Additionally, if you want to get in touch with the Secret Network devrel team directly, you can use this form.

If you’re interested in participating in a privacy related hackathon, HackSecret is just about to begin! Register today at

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