Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap – January Update!

As Stashh, the first SecretNFT marketplace, launched in December, we have seen an explosion in Secret NFT collections. As 2021 has come to an end, we now prepare for the next wave of growth!

Secret Network
January 4, 2022

Greetings Secret community, and happy new year!

As we all return from time away with friends and family, we wanted to take this opportunity and have the first blog of 2022 look ahead on the wave of growth that is to come. Soon, we’ll release blogs that recap the Secret ecosystem achievements of 2021 and share our vision for 2022 and beyond. But for now, let’s recap December and see what Q1 has in store for us all!

In December we saw the highly anticipated Stashh marketplace launch. Since then, Secret Network has seen dozens of Secret NFT collections reveal themselves, many of which are already minting and trading. Meanwhile, Altermail rebranded to Alter and released Alter V2. The Polar team have released their Polar contract testing framework to help Secret App devs. Finally, Emergent Properties shifted their release date over the holidays, and launched on 2nd January.

Looking ahead to the first quarter of 2022, we see three new projects added to the ecosystem roadmap, one old project return (Stakepool), more announcements of project updates (Stashh public mint & import, Alter V3), and some projects that shifted their December target date into 2022. Some highlights of January and February include:

  • Secret Dreamscape is a mashup between poker and scrabble in a fully on-chain game. They participated in HackAtom VI, and plan their first playable version on mainnet in January!
  • Orbem Wars is a 3D Tower Defense NFTgame with P2E mechanics. They have their public alpha test scheduled for January and announced an NFT airdrop to $SCRT stakers.
  • JACKAL utilizes the privacy of Secret Network and storage solutions of Filecoin to develop a completely decentralized storage solution with the highest privacy and security standards. Expecting an alpha launch in February.
  • StakeEasy is a privacy-preserving liquid staking solution for Secret Network, including features like compounding and derivative tokens to trade your staked $SCRT or use it in DeFi. They expect to launch to mainnet in February.

View the full pdf version including links.

The Roadmap in Review

This is the fifth consecutive month that we release an ecosystem roadmap, so it’s the perfect time for time for a review!

Firstly, we want to thank all contributors for their collaboration and transparency. Without the developers, development teams, and development companies behind all these ecosystem projects, the roadmap would be an empty sheet. Overall, developers gladly participate in the roadmap project, appreciate the level of input they have, and appreciate the option to not have to commit to a timeline when they aren’t ready.

On the flip-side, the roadmap has shown how difficult it can be to put a realistic target date on projects. Unforeseen ecosystem changes and dependency on external parties (auditors, e.g.) don’t help. Nonetheless, for the roadmap to hold its value as a resource for the community, we would prefer to see fewer changes in release dates. We will be working together with contributors to make this happen. In fact, changes to our approach have already taken effect in this January roadmap!

What’s Next?

As developers, development companies, and as a community, we will never stop building. There are countless use-cases, unique to Secret Network, left to explore. Keep following the official announcements channels (like Discord and Twitter) and the Secret Blog to stay up-to-date with the latest secrets as they are revealed…🤫

Secret Network Developer Opportunities

Interested in building awesome Secret Applications like Altermail and Stashh, or connect Secret Network to other blockchains like Shinobi Protocol? If so, there are a variety of options available for developers to get directly involved in building Secret Applications on Secret Network!

Secret Network Developer Grants

The Secret Network Grant Program is originally funded with 20M $SCRT – currently worth over ~$100,000,000. For simplicity, proposals are split into three categories: Secret Apps, for everything that is directly built on top of Secret Network; Ecosystem, for tools that expand Secret Network and improve general usability; and Network improvements, for major upgrades to the network itself.

Within the Secret Network application layer, Secret DeFi and Secret NFTs (private metadata) hold an exciting amount of use cases that have yet to be developed. Grants have already been rewarded for the development of the NFT reference implementation as well as Secret Fardels, a new kind of decentralized social media leveraging Secret NFTs.

With a list consisting of over 35+ grant ideas, get started with the grant application process today!

Are you a developer looking to develop full-time on Secret Network?

The Secret Foundation Fellow Program (Secret Fellows) is designed to involve more developers full-time in the Secret Network ecosystem. The goal of the program is to bring in talented individuals full-time to the Secret Network ecosystem for 3 months during which developers can work on Secret Network related dApp/ tooling development and receive competitive compensation.

Apply for Secret Fellows here!

For any other questions about the network and how to get started using and developing on Secret Network, join our awesome community on the Secret Chat (Discord) or Secret Forum.

So What’s Next?

As individual developers, independent development companies, and as a collective community, we will never stop building privacy-first solutions for Web3. There are countless use-cases unique to Secret Network left to explore.

Ready to join our core community? Become a Secret Agent today, and support our global ecosystem while earning unique rewards and making new connections! We’d love to learn how we can support and build alongside you.

Onwards & Upwards!

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