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May 17, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to another contributor article from!

In our previous articles, we spoke at length about our SNIP-20 tokens that were successfully integrated to our platform (you can find part 1 here and part 2 here). In addition, we gave insight on managing your viewing keys here. These articles were created to give our platform users more insight into the Secret Network following our receipt of a grant from the Secret Network community (more details on the grant here).

SNIP-20 tokens have therefore been integrated into the platform, so users can now send, receive, store and transact SNIP-20 tokens right on the Citadel.One interface. We explain our added functionality for SNIP-20 tokens, as well as the tokens we support in this article here. (More information on SNIP-20 functionality more generally can be found here.)

Equally, Secret Tokens have special features that make them desirable to users. Firstly, they have enhanced privacy properties that make them useful for privacy-focused users. Balances, transaction history and the rest raw data stay hidden until users create special viewing keys for them. These viewing keys will then enable the user to see the balances and transactions relating to that particular address.

Citadel.One now has support for over 33 SNIP-20 tokens, allowing for more options for users!

Users can also create a viewing key for their SNIP-20 addresses. This viewing key will be generated from the user’s private key and contract. Thus, the user doesn’t have to write down the viewing key or save it elsewhere, as it can be restored anytime.

To enable the Simple Viewing Key for your Secret Network tokens, simply follow these easy steps:

First, select the Secret Network address you want to create viewing keys for.

Next, select the token you want to view transactions and balances for. For this example, we will choose a view for sSCRT. Simply select sSCRT from the dropdown.

In this article we will choose the Simple Viewing Key. There is a small fee to complete the viewing key generation transaction as well. We will proceed to click “Confirm.”

And just like that, you can now view the sSCRT tokens available in the wallet! You will follow these steps for any other SNIP-20 tokens you wish to add viewing keys for.

Users can choose between generating a Simple Viewing Key (generated with a newly introduced approach out of the user’s private key hash and specific contract address) or a traditional viewing key, similar to what is available on Keplr wallet. More detailed info about the difference between the two types of viewing keys can be found in this article.

Import Viewing Key

For users that already have a viewing key, they can import this viewing key by clicking the “Import” button below the confirm button.

This will bring up a menu requesting your viewing keys and your Citadel.One platform password to authenticate the action.

Once you enter the viewing key and your password, your desired tokens will be available to be viewed and managed. This process can also be repeated for any SNIP-20 tokens whose viewing keys are possessed by you.

Viewing key storage

Our platform also supports Viewing Key Storage. The viewing key is the same as the Private key and can be found in the settings section of the platform.

To access this feature, simply go to settings and select “Secret Network” from the Addresses tab.

Now click on the padlock icon to the right of the address. This will reveal the viewing keys.

The keys will appear in this format. You can click the eye icon to reveal the actual keys.

Mobile App Support

We recently released our powerful mobile apps for both Android and iOS, and we are pleased to say that all the features mentioned in this article are available on the mobile apps on both platforms! This means that users can take advantage of these features regardless of if they are on Desktop, Android or iOS.

To access the feature on mobile, users simply have to follow the steps outlined in this infographic.

Lastly, the Secret Ethereum bridge is coming very, very soon! While we wait for the bridge to be ready, you are more than welcome to test our brand new features and leave your feedback in our Telegram group here.

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