Secret Feature: Orbem Wars by Domerium Labs

A new entry in the Secret metaverse, Orbem Wars is a full-blown P2E tower defense game. Offering four game modes, including PVP and large-scale events that have players wage galactic wars!

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January 10, 2022

Hello to the Secret community! Today we’re excited to feature a new Secret App on our blog: Orbem Wars, a new P2E game launching soon in the Secret metaverse. Learn more about Orbem Wars from the Domerium Labs team below – and about special benefits for SCRT stakers!

By Domerium Labs

When Domerium Labs was founded in August 2021, we had a vision of what the next generation of P2E games could look like:

  • Fun / gameplay at the core
  • No forced purchases of crypto or NFTs to get started
  • NFTs attainable for free through gameplay
  • Full cross-platform experience (desktop & mobile)
  • Seamless experience for the non-crypto gamers, with the potential to onboard them at their own will and pace into the crypto world.

We will be delivering on all of this with Orbem Wars!

Keep on reading to learn more about Orbem Wars and how to get your hands on one of the 11,725 NFTs that we are airdropping to $SCRT stakers.

What Is Orbem Wars?

Orbem Wars is a full blown Tower Defense game with four game modes, set in a distant future in which humankind has ventured into space in search of riches. Driven by your own pursuit of power, you play a mercenary. You venture out in the constellation of Ehen, take on contracts for various factions, and potentially become a well-rewarded hero of galactic events that change the course of humankind.

In the single-player campaign mode, you will explore the constellation of Ehen. As you venture out into the furthest reaches of the constellation, you will find various types of new equipment to improve your loadout and may discover there is more to Ehen than what meets the eye.

In the event mode, you join forces with other mercenaries in the construction of large-scale (inter)stellar infrastructure projects, groundbreaking research, and galactic wars. The bravest and most diligent are sure to be rewarded!

In the league mode, you test your mettle against other mercenaries – for fun, for glory, for recognition, and for prizes.

Finally, in the contract mode, you complete various tasks for factions in Ehen. Contracts in Ehen are public, which means anybody, at any time, can contribute to them. Creating fierce competition between mercenaries for the highest contract fulfillment score. Best mercenary walks home with top pay!

Your Loadout

Every Mercenary can bring 5 turret types into battle. Each type has 3 tiers, and each tier can be modified with up to 3 modifications.

As you built a turret in battle you automatically built the T1 turret. During gameplay, you can upgrade these turrets to T2 and T3. With a total of 10 turrets and 12 modifications to choose from, the number of options runs into the quintillions.

Each schematic can be modified with up to three modifications.

All turrets come with stats like damage, rate-of-fire, tracking speed, range, resistance, damage penetration, jamming strength, jamming resistance, etc. Each modification can improve these stats. Strategies can range from a cheap-build-cost blitzkrieg to a carefully planned strategy in which you jam the movement speed of enemies with a jamming tower to line them up for your slow-tracking heavy-hitting turrets.

Orbem Wars NFTs

Every single turret schematic and turret modification is an NFT. With 15 schematics to fit, each with 3 modifications, a full loadout consists of 60 NFTs. To make sure everybody can get started and has the freedom to experiment with different strategies, the first 2 rarity levels are virtual items on the game server. The remaining 4 rarities are NFTs. Rarities in Orbem Wars follow a technological order, from turrets that really aren’t up-to-date anymore, to turrets that use quantum technology, to turrets with exotic materials that are so rare their origin is a mystery – they are enigmatic.

Outdated  <  Modern  <  High-Tech  <  Next-Gen  <  Quantum  < Enigmatic

Virtual items will have fixed stats; however, NFTs each come with their own design tolerances, randomly rolled by the smart contract on mint. That means that some turrets will have a slightly better score than others in the same rarity class.

With all of the above, we expect to see the following;

  • Players building optimal loadouts around their best/rarest NFTs.
  • Lots of experimentation and discovery, and rediscovery when you find something cool.
  • A very active player market for NFTs as you try to unload your older, less rare NFTs, or NFTs that don’t work with your current loadout, in favor of getting that one schematic or modification to upgrade what you’ve got.
  • Constantly shifting metagame as people copy the loadouts of higher ranking players, with the smartest players trying to be ahead of that game with a strategy to counter.

Regretfully we aren’t fortune tellers, but we believe we have all the ingredients to incentivize the player behavior described above and build a massive game world. We believe Orbem Wars has a gameplay experience that is rewarding and allows for players with less rare NFTs to still be competitive with top-tier players.

That’s a lot of NFTs!

We expect that across all schematics, modifications, and rarities there will eventually be a couple of million NFTs. That could see a total of approximately ~50,000 players with a full 60x NFT loadout. However, we expect many players won’t be fully decked out in NFTs, resulting in initial support of a higher player count.

All these NFTs will be available through the airdrop, in-game loot, contract, and event rewards. Let me repeat: we do not sell a single NFT. Every single NFT that gets into the game will be earned by players, not bought. What you do with them after you earned them is up to you, including the possibility to sell them on marketplaces like Stashh for a profit.

The NFT economy is bootstrapped with the NFT airdrop, after which players can earn the remaining NFTs through gameplay. We have designed a proof-of-work-inspired algorithm that takes the total player activity, # player accounts, and # of NFTs dropped recently to determine how many NFTs are allowed to drop that hour/day/week. This in turn determines the chances of an NFT dropping in your loot. This algorithm is designed to ensure that the economy is not flooded with NFTs, keep their rarity, and give incentives to play for months to come. Depending on player activity it could take up to years for all NFTs to be distributed. Players will be provided with in-game information on the total run of their NFT, and how much of these have been distributed to that day, so they keep a sense of rarity.

A selection of modifications; Tracking System, Energy Shield, Targeting System, EAL Chips, Enhanced Payload, Improved Barrel

Orbem Wars NFT airdrop

Just before Christmas, we have announced the NFT airdrop for Orbem Wars, dropping a total of 11,725 NFTs to $SCRT stakers. As this NFT airdrop is very much meant to bootstrap the in-game economy we would like to see these NFTs be dropped to gamers!

As a result, we have opted for a proof-of-sincerity approach to distributing the rarest of NFTs to active addresses that are paying attention to our blogs and updates. This is one of the first, if not ‘the’ first, GameNFT airdrop on this scale ever on any blockchain. We had no blueprint to go by. So, we encourage you to read our Medium post carefully to understand our motivations for this type of drop, as well as to find out your eligibility.

In Closing

We could rave on about our mobile support, roadmap, future updates, how we ensure a seamless onboarding experience, our monetization model, and the tricks we have up our sleeve in case the game sees popularity far beyond what the current number of planned NFTs could support. We will share more about these topics in future blogs. For now, watch out for our public beta scheduled at the end of January. We would love you to test our servers and the game balance, so we can finalize the parameters before the launch!

Meanwhile, follow us for more info on the Orbem Wars Twitter.

Thank you, players!

Onwards and upwards!

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