Secret Recap: Austin Blockchain Week

Secret dominated DCENTRAL, had an exclusive VIP session with the legendary Kevin Smith, threw a memorable Secret party, participated in Consensus, and experienced much more in Austin!

Secret Network
June 15, 2022

Greetings Secret Community!

As you may have already heard, Secret recently traveled to Austin for Blockchain Week to spread the word about Web3 privacy at multiple events. Network dApps and Secret Agents swarmed Austin, with 50+ members of the Secret ecosystem attending DCENTRAL (easily the most represented ecosystem at the conference)! We also had a sizeable presence at OsmoCon and Consensus, plus a couple of enjoyable side events as well.

Lots of photos, videos, and secrets follow below – so read on!

Secret Takes Over DCENTRAL

When we say Secret took over DCENTRAL, we’re not exaggerating. The official Secret Booth was front and center, with many agents sporting network gear, ready to help. It might have been impossible to take a picture of any part of the conference floor without seeing several pieces of Secret swag! This event was truly special – and having so many network projects and dApps getting a chance to tell the cryptoverse what Secret is building was an inspiring experience.

This conference allowed us to connect, educate, and network with the broader crypto community. We can confidently say that anybody who attended DCENTRAL left knowing significantly more about Secret!

Additionally, we had the opportunity to make some great connections with some exciting projects, privacy-conscious enthusiasts, and the Cosmos-curious! As always, there were several high-value networking opportunities, and we were sure to take full advantage of our time in Austin.

If you have any doubts about the impression Secret left on attendees, here’s your chance to see for yourself! Several network members got an opportunity to speak at DCENTRAL, representing Secret exceptionally as usual.

Guy Zyskind, CEO of SCRT Labs, gave an incredible keynote speech to open the conference, putting a spotlight on Secret (and privacy!) right from the start of the event:

Guy retook the stage on day two of the conference, this time with legendary actor/ writer/director Kevin Smith! Check out the video to learn more about why Kevin chose Secret Network and Legendao to release “KillRoy Was Here,” the first full-length film minted as an NFT:

Last but certainly not least, Founder of Secret Foundation Tor Bair closed out the event with a great talk on Secret NFTs and even got to show off some beautiful custom V-IRL shoes:

Simply put, this event would not have been a success for us if not for all our Agents’ help. Whether working the booth and spreading swag, tracking valuable leads, or even trying to ride a mechanical bull, the phenomenal Secret Agents help Secret Network make a massive impact at the conference. Agents, thank you so much for your help!

Want to become a Secret Agent yourself? Sign up for your first mission here:

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Kevin Smith VIP Screening

The fun didn’t stop with the end of DCENTRAL. Just a few hours after the conference, we hosted a once-in-a-lifetime VIP screening and Q&A session with Kevin Smith!

Holders of the “KillRoy Was Here” Premiere NFT got a chance to rub elbows with a Hollywood legend, and Kevin couldn’t have been more gracious. From great laughs to secret stories about Kevin’s hit films, it’s a fair statement to say everyone who heard Kevin speak left the event feeling more inspired. We also got a great surprise when “Jay” himself, Jason Mewes, joined Kevin to celebrate “KillRoy’s” upcoming release! At the end of the session, we got to introduce Secret Network and even got some alpha when Shade announced the upcoming release of ShadeSwap!

A Secret Party to Remember

After this extraordinary VIP session, we opened the party to all that had pre-registered, and the turnout did not disappoint. Nearly ONE THOUSAND people came out to party with the Secret community. Lots of drinks, laughs, and dancing made this event one that won’t soon be easily forgotten.

Multiple people made it a point to tell us how much fun they had and how many great conversations ensued. That’s the good news. The bad news? We set a high bar that we’ll have to exceed next time. And we will! 😉

OsmoCon: Connecting with the Cosmos

After recovering from a great afterparty, we moved on to OsmoCon – a chance to connect with many other IBC / Cosmos ecosystem builders, especially the Osmosis team.

Sunny Aggarwal speaks on stage to kick off OsmoCon 0!

We set up a side booth for Secret in order to connect with builders and speak about critical issues, including better community coordination across the IBC ecosystem. With all of our blockchains communicating with each other regularly (thanks to IBC!), why shouldn’t our communities? Fortunately, everyone else feels the same way – and now we’ve got some great plans for more cross-chain events.

Yet again, Guy Zyskind got an opportunity to speak to the community and outline Secret’s vision for growth even in challenging market conditions. It’s clear that all the members of the #IBCgang will need to work together to boost user and network adoption back to (and exceeding) prior levels. Fortunately, we’re ready to build aggressively!

Consensus 2022

The last half of Austin Blockchain Week was dominated by Consensus 2022, Coindesk’s flagship annual event. SCRT Labs and Secret Foundation were in attendance on the floor, and we spent hours talking to builders and businesses about the power of programmable privacy!

On Saturday, Tor Bair took the stage to discuss the bleeding edge of crypto privacy alongside many other great speakers. He also appeared on Coindesk’s on-the-ground podcast to explain the importance of Web3 to those newer to the blockchain space. All video and audio should be available shortly!

IBC Afterparty with Osmosis, Secret, Axelar, Akash, and More!

Finally, Saturday night gave us one last chance to see our great friends from around the IBC ecosystem! We had a blast bowling and bull-riding alongside many other developers and community members. This event brought the Secret Agents back together for one more gathering, giving us a chance to say our goodbyes and prepare for our travels back to four different continents!

After our week in Austin, it’s clear that Secret Network is in a prime position to continue building and providing value to the entire Web3 ecosystem. Whether market conditions are good or bad, privacy will always be essential to adoption. We are ready for explosive growth as our Shockwave continues!

So how can you get involved? One way is to become a Secret Agent and help us tell the world how Secret is becoming Web3’s privacy hub! Whether you want to join a team, complete special missions, or share ideas to help the network grow, there’s a place for you in the Secret Agency.

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Onwards and upwards!

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