Greetings, Secret Agents! Here is the latest Secret Network briefing, covering an unbelievably exciting month of updates.

The first reveal of the Iconic Secret NFTs. The launch of Altermail. SiennaSwap live on mainnet. Duplex launching. The October Ecosystem Roadmap update. Secret Analytics V3. Stashh on testnet with a design overhaul in advance of Supernova. The first PFP drop on Secret by the ANONS team. The relaunch of Secret Agents. Cryptoclerk Beta. A Secret Feature of Shade Protocol and Silk. Polar contract framework. BTN Group yield optimizer. New Secret Code Podcast episodes. Tor Bair on Unstoppable Domains podcast. Secret Staking Derivatives, Shinobi Protocol, and Stashh all prepped for Supernova.

And so much more.

October saw the most new application launches in Secret Network history, with more Secret Apps on the way after Supernova in November. With IBC integration imminent, Secret Network will now be bringing programmable privacy to Cosmos, with novel applications that were never possible before. See what’s been done lately on Secret Network, and how you can get involved!

Secret Network Partners with OpenSea

Secret Network, the first Layer-1 blockchain with privacy-by-default for applications, in October announced they are opening the doors of its ecosystem to artists, developers and other creatives to build Secret NFTs, the first NFTs with built-in privacy and access control features. To kick things off, Secret Network partnered with OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace, and a world-renowned artist and creator to auction seven unique NFTs as part of a single collection in November.

Curious who the NFT creator is? Click here to learn about the Secret we revealed in early November!

The first NFTs of their kind, the Secret NFTs featured in this upcoming auction will offer buyers exclusive content viewable only to the holder - and that has also never been seen previously by anyone but its creator. This first auction of Secret NFTs will be followed by a second, larger collection, that will be available for purchase and mint to a general audience. Starting today, interested parties can register for whitelist consideration for these Secret NFTs.

"OpenSea is excited to partner with Secret NFTs to help artists provide a multi-tiered experience for their collectors," explained Alexander Bercow, Art Partnerships Manager at OpenSea. "Private NFTs offer a new type of solution to all kinds of creators, and we're excited to move the ecosystem forward together."

Secret Network Partners with OpenSea to Launch Secret NFTs with a Secret World-Renowned Artist
Secret NFTs represent a new evolution of NFTs with native privacy and access control. The first Secret NFTs auctions in November will feature a secret world-renowned artist.

Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap - October Update!

October saw progress or completion of the following projects: Altermail (encrypted communication), Stakepool (staking lottery), Duplex (stablecoin yield), Secret Heroes V1.5 (NFT hero battling), Stashh (privacy-preserving NFT marketplace), Secret Wallet (a new Secret Network), Polar contract framework, STKd (staking derivatives), Btn Group yield optimizer, and Cryptoclerk.

Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap - October Update!
Review the latest Ecosystem Roadmap to learn what devs are building on Secret Network - and more importantly, what they will be releasing in the coming weeks!

SiennaSwap Launches on Mainnet!

Sienna Network has launched SiennaSwap on the Secret Network mainnet. SiennaSwap is a privacy-preserving, front-running resistant DEX leveraging Secret Contracts on Secret Network. Explore SiennaSwap and start earning LP rewards today!

Sienna Network
Privacy-first, cross-chain decentralized finance protocol.

The Sienna platform is controlled by SIENNA, the governance token, which is earned by using the Sienna platform via liquidity mining and other initiatives over time, creating a fair distribution for a perfect decentralized future, where SIENNA token holders decide over the entire platform.

SiennaSwap has the following properties and opportunities:

  • Privacy-first
  • Fully decentralized
  • Cheap transactions
  • Liquidity provision opportunities
  • Easy UI/UX

Read the Sienna Network Whitepaper for more information.

Read the full SiennaSwap blog to learn more!

Secret Feature: SiennaSwap Launches on Mainnet!
Sienna Network has launched SiennaSwap on the Secret Network mainnet! Learn how you can use this privacy-preserving, front-running resistant DEX and start earning LP rewards today.

Altermail LIVE on Mainnet!

Altermail is officially live on mainnet! Altermail is the world’s first privacy-first, blockchain-based decentralized messaging service protocol, built on Secret Network. Altermail is not your standard email service communications platform (such as Gmail or Protonmail). Altermail takes a radical new approach to communication technology using Secret Network's privacy guarantees as a fundamental component of the underlying architecture.

Using a secure data integrity sharing model that provides privacy by design, Altermail is trailblazing cutting edge security and data integrity by using public and private key integration into secret contracts on Secret Network to create immutable privacy guarantees.

Business ideas, payments, confidential information, files - all now protected and backed by blockchain-based messaging technology using Secret Network. This empowers users to privately communicate with peers, friends, or colleagues by using private messaging on Altermail!

Use Altermail today!

Altermail is LIVE on Mainnet!
Altermail, a private and decentralized messaging dApp built on Secret Network, is officially live! Come learn how to use this groundbreaking technology to preserve your privacy.

Duplex LIVE on Mainnet!

Duplex is a new application offering unprecedented yield on stablecoins by introducing a game-changing double-layer strategy that outperforms any other product in the market. Stablecoins are on the rise with 10X market growth in the past year ($100B+) and growing allocation in investor’s portfolios. Despite their solid utility and mass adoption, It’s increasingly difficult to find high yield investment products for stablecoins.

Duplex was developed in order to harness the full potential of stablecoins, introducing a game-changing two layer strategy that outperforms any other stablecoin investment product in the market. The innovation of Duplex’s strategy is the ability to utilize a single invested asset to generate yield from two distinct sources on two distinct networks by connecting to keyTango: a Web3-based investment solution that functions as a gateway for DeFi products and services. It is connected with multiple projects on a variety of DeFi markets, giving users a wide selection of financial tools to choose from if they are looking for ways to maximize the capacity of their assets in making a profit.

Learn more about Duplex!

Secret Feature: Duplex Live on Mainnet!
Duplex - an innovative platform that provides world class yield on stable assets, starting with UST - is now live on mainnet. Powered by keyTango and the privacy-preserving guarantees of Secret Network!

Secret Analytics V3!

The Secret Analytics team has just updated to v3, bringing new functionality and stability to some critical Secret tooling.

Check out the new and improved Secret Analytics:

With the latest update, everyone has more direct access to data on activity in Secret Network, including some of the largest applications on it. This includes: staking, DEXes, the Secret Ethereum Bridge, Secret BSC bridge, large contracts that represent individual Secret Apps (such as Secret Heroes), and SNIP contracts (such as sSCRT).

Secret Analytics has long given valuable insights into Secret Network and the various contracts, applications, and bridges created for it. With the recent on-chain proposal passage of the Data Committee, Secret Analytics will continue to see UX/UI and performance improvements!

Revealing Secret Analytics V3!
Secret Analytics has received a massive overhaul in both back-end & front-end design, making it easier to examine usage, volume, and adoption metrics of Secret Network - just in time for Supernova!

Revealing the New Secret Agents - Now Recruiting!

The true secret to Secret Network's success has always been its community. We are thrilled to announce major updates to Secret Agents, a growth-focused program designed and executed by the Secret community itself. Read on to learn why we need you - and why now is the perfect time for you to join!

Secret Network - Become a Secret Agent
Secret Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains.

We're on the cusp of a massive revolution, as blockchain technology is set to help usher in the era of Web 3.0, democratizing access and ownership for users around the world. Unfortunately, it has one big flaw: blockchains are public by default. All data on the chain is exposed for all to see, creating security risks, limiting usability, and making it difficult to achieve this vision of empowerment. Secret Network aims to change this by serving as a cross-chain privacy platform for Web 3.0.

To help us defend the privacy of the decentralized web, the network is actively recruiting Secret Agents. You'll execute missions, earn rewards, and become a core part of our long-standing global community of privacy pioneers, artists, developers, entrepreneurs, and evangelists. We can't wait for you to meet your fellow Agents - and they're excited to have your help!

Join the Secret Agents program today, and defend privacy!

Revealing the New Secret Agents - Now Recruiting!
We need your help to defend the privacy of the decentralized web. Learn how you can now become a Secret Agent, where you can get rewards, access special events, and earn special Secret NFTs and swag!

Secret Feature: Shade Protocol & Silk

Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving dApps built on Secret Network. This series of applications will fundamentally iterate on DeFi by not only innovating on privacy, but also the underlying DeFi mechanics.

The first announced application on Shade Protocol is Silk. Silk is Secret Network’s first natively-generated stablecoin, built with secret contracts.

Built on Secret Network, and made possible via the SNIP-20 private and fungible token standard, Silk maintains transactional privacy for all token holders of Silk. Key to Silk is that it functions as a medium of exchange, is a store of value, is a unit of account, and is a standard of deferred payment - all of which give Silk the four key fundamental properties of money.

Features of Silk include:

  • Stable
  • Private
  • Algorithmic
  • Treasury backed
  • Staking backed
  • Index currency
  • Auditable

Silk is algorithmically stabilized by Shade - the governance token of both Silk and Shade Protocol. Silk replaces the payments value chain (credit card networks, banks, payment gateways) with a single application-layer protocol. Shade Protocol and Silk are credibly neutral, distributed, and have transactional privacy by default. Important for compliance and transparency is that Silk and Shade transactions can be decrypted with a viewing key or viewing permit unique to the address owner of the Silk, which empowers users to be transparent by choice.

Shade Dev Update #3
The following is the third of various Shade Protocol Dev updates. Shade Protocol consists of 10+ core contributors from all over the world from multiple organizations and backgrounds. Since the…

Additionally, users have the option to share data with trusted necessary entities that need an audit trail of transactions.

Secret Feature: Shade Protocol & Silk
Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving dApps built on Secret Network. Featuring Silk, Secret Network’s first native privacy-preserving burn-based algorithmic stablecoin.

Secret Feature: Stashh, Marketplace for Private NFTs

Secured by Secret Network, Stashh is the first full-stack marketplace and platform for NFTs with native privacy, allowing creators, collectors, and consumers to truly benefit from and control the Web3 digital economy.

Launching on mainnet in November, Stashh's roadmap contains the following important features:

  • Content and financial privacy for artists
  • Private-by-default ownership for collectors
  • On-platform minting and secondary sales
  • Trustless access control
  • Public/private metadata, with private content for owners only
  • Private galleries (v2)
  • Private auctions (v2)

Using privacy-first NFTs, creators can monetize their content and protect their IP, while giving consumers trustless control over how they buy, display, use, and trade their NFTs. Privacy-first NFTs can also contain public metadata which is known to all parties as well as private metadata known only to certain parties (such as the owner or creator). Finally, NFT owners have the choice of whether to reveal their ownership of an NFT or not, giving users more security and control.

Stashh will support minting of new collections as well as imported collections of NFTs, such as ANONs (the first PFP project on Secret Network). Users can then buy and sell their Secret NFTs for any supported secret token (such as sSCRT). You can also create a single listing to sell multiple copies of the same NFT, which will have serial numbers, that only get minted when someone buys one instead of having to pay gas to mint a bunch first and sell individually!

Secret Feature: Stashh, Marketplace for Private NFTs
Stashh is launching on mainnet in November - a full stack platform and marketplace supporting Secret NFTs, the first NFTs with native privacy controls for ownership and metadata. Sign up early now!

Anon Secret NFTs Launch - 580 Rare

Anons are the first private by default NFT collection, built on Secret Network. Anons also features an exclusive chat.  Using Secret Network's private metadata, ownership will grant exclusive access to a Proof of Anon chat. Finally, secondary sales of Anons support charity and organizations focused on privacy advocacy. Each Anon is a unique piece of art in a 580 collection highlighting the artist's style. The Anon drop increased network demand to record levels, and all 580 Anons have been minted!

If you would like to buy an Anon, stay tuned for their secondary market listing on Stashh in November!

Check out the Anons gallery:

Become a part of the first NFT community in the Cosmos Ecosystem, built on Secret Network.

Secret Dogs

Secret Dogs were revealed in October and will be the first ever Secret NFTs collection to mint on Stashh.

Secret Dogs are very loyal. They only show themselves and their personalities to their respective owners upon purchase of the secret NFT.

Check out the Secret Dogs Twitter today!

SecretSwap Anon Edition

SCRT Labs revealed their work on new privacy features for Secret DeFi! SecretSwap Anon edition is an alpha version of SecretSwap that would include the following features (Proof of Concept on Github):

(1) Swap amounts are private in the range of ±1%

(2) Higher fees, better returns for LPs

(3) Users must use a fresh account for each swap

GitHub - scrtlabs/SecretSwapAnonEdition: Private swaps for Secret Network using a private entropy pool & differential privacy.
Private swaps for Secret Network using a private entropy pool & differential privacy. - GitHub - scrtlabs/SecretSwapAnonEdition: Private swaps for Secret Network using a private entropy pool &a...

BTN Group - Yield Aggregator

BTN Group is actively working on Block Locker, SNIP-20 Transaction History, and a SEFI Yield Aggregator using the native BTN token. Learn more below!
We develop software for blockchain.

New SCRT Listings

In October, SCRT was listed on WazirX (SCRT/USDT) and had new pairs added to Binance (SCRT/BUSD). Secret was part of the WazirX's Rapid Listing Initiative, using deposits to WazirX via Binance. Additionally, $SEFI from SecretSwap was listed on ApeSwap on BSC.

Binance Adds FTM/AUD, FTM/BRL & SCRT/BUSD Trading Pairs | Binance Support
Fellow Binancians, Binance will open trading for FTM/AUD, FTM/BRL and SCRT/BUSD trading pairs at 2021-10-22 10:00 AM (UTC). Please note: AUD and BRL are fiat currencies and do not represent any oth...
SCRT/USDT trading on WazirX - WazirX Blog
Buy, Sell, Trade Secret (SCRT) in the USDT market of WazirX.
SecretSwap x ApeSwap
Secret Network is the first blockchain with data privacy by default, allowing you to build and use applications that are both permissionless and privacy-preserving. This unique functionality protects…

Staking Derivatives

In October, more work was revealed on Secret Staking Derivatives!

dSCRT is a staking derivative for the Secret Network. The purpose is to provide a liquid, fungible token for a user, representing his stake in the network. This token will accrue value, in a similar fashion to PoS staking which will unlock farming, and yield compounding opportunities. The goal is not to optimize APYs for users, but rather:

  1. Automatic compounding of rewards
  2. Compounding of rewards without triggering a taxable event (if relevant)
  3. Minimizing validator risk by spreading delegations out to multiple validators
  4. Creating a mechanism for private governance voting
  5. Creating a fungible token which allows double-dipping in DeFi applications while still accruing network-level staking rewards
  6. Creating an asset class that accrues network-level staking rewards while still remaining liquid
  7. Allow “private staking”, whereby you can buy dSCRT on the market in a privacy preserving way without leaving a traceable transaction
GitHub - Cashmaney/SecretStaking
Contribute to Cashmaney/SecretStaking development by creating an account on GitHub.

Query Permits

Query Permits are a way to do authenticated queries without needing to set a viewing key first. Created by Assaf of SCRT Labs, check out this innovation that is already drastically improving the Secret Network end user experience!

SNIP-24 - Query Permits by assafmo · Pull Request #22 · scrtlabs/snip20-reference-impl
A way to do authenticated queries without needing to set a viewing key first. 👀Docs: example (SNIP-20):const permitName = &q...
Tor Bair - Founder of the Secret Foundation at ETH Portland

HackAtom VI Sponsored By Secret Network

Secret Network is sponsoring HackAtom VI 2021 in November. Stay tuned for what amazing applications will be made! If you are a developer, be sure to check out and apply to be part of the hackathon.

Introducing HackAtom VI — The Biggest Hackathon in Cosmos History with $1,000,000 of ATOM in Prizes
Drum roll, please… The biggest HackAtom in Cosmos history is almost here, offering developers around the world the chance to compete for their share of a massive $1,000,000 of ATOM in prizes. With…

NFTerra Sponsored By Secret Network

NFTs on Terra are exploding. For NFTs and the Web3 to really be adopted and drive UST demand, there must be more tools, infrastructure, utility, and other builds that make it easier for artists, communities, protocols, etc to engage with the space. NFTerra is a Terra NFT hackathon focused on bringing fresh ideas and talent into the Terra space to build NFT solutions for a web3 future. Specifically, Secret Network will be encouraging use of the Secret Network tech stack to bring privacy to NFTs!

NFTerra Hackathon
What is the NFTerra Hackathon?NFTs on Terra are exploding. For NFTs and the Web3 to really be adopted and drive UST dema...


In this episode of the Unstoppable Podcast, Tor Bair (founder of Secret Foundation) covers what Secret Network is. In this interview, they talk about privacy and blockchains in general, and Tor tells the audience how he developed an interest in privacy and how the idea of Secret was born. Finally, there is a discussion on some of the privacy issues facing blockchains today and the potential solutions for them.

‘Secret’ Crypto Asset Far Outperforms Bitcoin and Ethereum, Surpassing $1,000,000,000 Market Cap With Massive 7-Day Rally
An altcoin project focused squarely on secrecy just shot into the top 100 crypto assets by market cap. The cryptocurrency called Secret (SCRT) is up 97% in t
Secret, Curve and Shiba Inu gains suggest that altseason is coming
SCRT and SHIB surge to new highs, while CRV’s rally breaks a nearly year-long sideways trend.
SCRT, OSMO and ATOM Rally as Cosmos Ecosystem Claims Center Stage: Markets Wrap
The Cosmos ecosystem continues to mature and now helps secure more than $130 billion in assets; SCRT, OSMO, and ATOM lead the rally.
The crypto industry royally screwed up privacy
Secrecy is a privilege, but privacy is a right whose defense must be a priority for the entire crypto space.
Shooting for greater privacy in DeFi, Sienna Network launches SiennaSwap – TechCrunch
The rise of privacy-oriented financial blockchain projects are going to be crucial if “DeFi” (decentralized finance) is to have any kind of future. We have come to expect privacy in our “normal” financial lives, so we will expect it in the blockchain and crypto world, whatever some might claim. We s…
Sienna Network Launches Privacy-Centric DeFi Crypto Exchange - Decrypt
SiennaSwap is bringing private trades to DeFi, offering users anonymous trading and preventing detrimental front-running.
Switcheo Research - Secret Network
Secret Network is the first blockchain with data privacy by default, allowing you to build and use applications that are both permissionless and privacy-preserving.

Secret's Brendan Kittredge has an exclusive interview with Wes Spencer. In this interview, Brendan dives into the details around some brand new tech coming out from Secret like Secret Swap and the details around what Sienna Network is all about.

Secret Code Podcast

Tor Bair, Founder and CEO of the Secret Foundation, joins the show to talk about his history with Enigma, Secret NFTs, and the incredible future ahead of the Secret Network!

Eric flips to the other side of the interview table, as he answers questions as the SecretSwap Committee Co-Lead and SEFI Executive.

Reuven joins us for an episode to discuss his love for Secret Network and the Rust programming language. Hear his unique takes on crypto as a whole and learn about some groundbreaking ideas for the network in regards to scalability and memory improvements. Such solutions are what is being used by Shinobi Protocol to make their SCRT - BTC Bridge trustless!

Join us for an episode with the founder behind Buttcoin. From simple beginnings, the team continues to build tools of increasing complexity serving the Secret Network ecosystem.

Forum Post Highlights

Epoch Reveal Privacy Obfuscation Technique
Abstract. *Privacy-preserving protocols such as Secret Network using TEEs gives granular control over contract metadata in the form of “Secret Contracts” which have encrypted input, state, and output. However, applications often have macro level data that needs to be available for users to track sum…
How to Incentivize new Validator nodes
Potential Governance proposal and discussion thread: The topic of incentivising new validators has come up several times in the last few weeks, and with the recent “upgrade” to secret-3, it seemed time to re-raise the topic. Summary Running a basic Validator node requires roughly 58000 SCRT (~100…

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What Now?

What a summary! There was almost too much progress to document. But as exciting as October was, November promises to bring even more growth to the Secret ecosystem with the rapid development of more DeFi applications and privacy-preserving Secret Apps - and of course, the explosive power of Supernova.

So what other announcements, collaborations, and roadmaps lie in store? You’ll have to wait and see what secrets November brings…

Onwards and upwards!

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