Hello to the Secret community!

We're happy to share that the Secret Analytics team has just updated to v3, bringing new functionality and stability to some critical Secret tooling.

With the latest update, everyone has more direct access to data on activity in Secret Network, including some of the largest applications on it. This includes: staking, DEXes, the Secret Ethereum Bridge, Secret BSC bridge, large contracts that represent individual Secret Apps (such as Secret Heroes), and SNIP contracts (such as sSCRT).

Secret Analytics has long given valuable insights into Secret Network and the various contracts, applications, and bridges created for it. With the recent on-chain proposal passage of the Data Committee, Secret Analytics will continue to see UX/UI and performance improvements!

Big thanks to tacotuesday, John B, pmuecke, Jordan, Patrick, superfish, and everyone else who supported Secret Analytics’ design, development, and testing!

Check out the new and improved Secret Analytics:


Secret Analytics contains six sections:

  • Overview
  • SecretSwap
  • Bridges
  • Gas Station
  • SNIP
  • Contracts


Overview covers the price of SCRT, total supply of SCRT, amount of SCRT staked, daily transactions, gas used per day, unique addresses sending transactions, stakers per validator, and staked SCRT per validator.


SecretSwap covers the price of SEFI, total liquidity on SecretSwap, daily volume, daily fees, # of pairs, and the # of daily users. Individual pair liquidity usage is also tracked. Drill down to specific tokens and pairs by clicking links in the table.

Sienna Swap

Sienna Swap, covers the price of SIENNA, total liquidity on Sienna Swap, daily volume, daily fees, # of pairs, and the # of daily users. Individual pair liquidity usage is also tracked. Drill down to specific tokens and pairs by clicking links in the table.


All Bridges covers total value locked, tokens locked, unique addresses across all bridges being tracked, as well as the 24-hour volume.

You can also examine Secret Ethereum Bridge and Secret BSC Bridge, individually. These pages contain data on TVL and addresses per token.

Gas Station

Gas Station gives predictions on how long transactions will take, depending on network congestion and usage. Additionally, because PoS with tendermint is deterministic in its design, users are able to see who the predicted block producers are.


SNIP tracks the amount of sSCRT in circulation, the amount of sSCRT deposited on DeFi apps, total sSCRT contract interactions, and the number of sSCRT addresses. All of the official SNIP contract addresses for tokens such as sDAI, sETH, sUSDT, etc. are also tracked. Additional information on SNIP tokens will be added in the future.


Contracts allows users and developers to query their contracts for usage data on total gas used, all time unique users, total times used, total daily users, and total daily interactions.

What’s next?

More improvements are on the way, which aim to gather and visualize macro data on continually-evolving Secret Applications and privacy-preserving Secret Apps.

Want to get involved with Secret Analytics? Participate in weekly Data Committee meetings on Wednesday from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm UTC on the Secret Network Discord!

Want to help support Secret Network in your own way? Become a Secret Agent, and stay tuned for some important (and secret) briefings 🤫

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