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How to Buy Secret NFTs on Stashh

Secret NFTs are non-fungible tokens with programmable privacy features, including private metadata and private ownership.

These private NFTs give creators complete control over their work and the opportunity to get more creative while protecting NFT collectors from hackers and scammers.

About Stashh

Secret’s primary private NFT marketplace is Stashh. It offers the easiest way to experience Secret NFTs. This guide will cover buying and selling your own Secret NFTs on Stashh!

How to buy a Secret NFT


Go to the Stashh Website

To get started, head over to the Stashh homepage.


Select “Marketplace”

Click on Marketplace on the top banner. In this section, you can browse NFTs by applying filters, selecting specific collections, and setting price ranges.

Once you’ve found a Secret NFT you like, click on it for more details. Stashh will take you to a page where you can preview the NFT and its features, including collection name, price, arist, token type, and more!


Check your SCRT balance

In the NFT overview, you’ll also find the price you’ll have to pay in sSCRT.

Note: you can pay in SCRT as well—Stashh will automatically take care of this step and convert your SCRT into sSCRT. You’ll also need a small amount of SCRT to pay for gas fees on the network.

  • To get SCRT, head over to the Get SCRT page to find your preferred buying option
  • You can also bridge over your crypto from Ethereum or BSC using the Secret bridge app, which you can exchange for sSCRT on Osmosis

Buy the Secret NFT

Once you have enough SCRT or sSCRT in your wallet and picked an NFT, all that’s left is to click ‘Buy Now’!

When you do so, you’ll see a wallet pop-up and must click “Create Permit and Authenticate” to continue. This let’s Stashh interface with your wallet address, allowing for future sSCRT transactions.

Once you create a permit, the next step will be to approve the transaction at zero cost. This transaction doesn’t exchange any crypto, but it does use your private keys to prove you’re the owner of the wallet and its funds!


View your new Secret NFT

Congrats, you just bought your first Secret NFT! Go to the ‘Dashboard’ under your profile icon to view your new acquisition.

Once there, browse the ‘Choose a collection’ section. Find and select the collection containing your new NFT.

Your NFT will then appear in your Dashboard, where you can view the collection and the NFT’s private metadata!

How to sell a Secret NFT

At some point, you might decide to sell your Secret NFT again. Thanks to the Stashh user experience, selling is as easy as buying.

When you select and click on your newly purchased NFT, you’ll see a menu presenting its characteristics, as well as a menu that provides you with options to set the price for selling your NFT.


Set the selling price

Your NFT’s listing price depends on many variables, but the final pricing decision is up to you! Once you decide on a selling price, input it into the “I want to sell for” field. Once you enter the amount, you’ll see what you’ll earn if you sell the NFT after subtracting royalties and a sales fee.

Secret NFTs allow for creators to place a royalty on their work, giving them a piece of any future sales. You can view the royalty percentage before buying the NFT.

You can also add a description to give potential buyers more information about the NFT you’re selling. Stashh even gives you some ideas on what details to include to make sure your NFT grabs the attention.


Approve the transaction to finalize the sale

After deciding your NFT’s selling price, click “List for Sale” and pay a bit of SCRT for gas. The notification looks like this:


To verify that your NFT is listed, click on 'Marketplace’ and filter by collection (in this case: HDMusic) to check if it’s appropriately listed.

How to bid on a Secret NFT

Another way to interact and buy Secret NFTs is through an auction. First, the seller sets an initial price, and then buyers can place bids. Once the auction is over, the person who places the highest bid gets the NFT.


Place your bid

The initial price of this NFT is 3 sSCRT. So if you want to obtain this Secret NFT, you’ll need to place a higher offer. So let’s offer 3.1 sSCRT here.

As soon as you add a bid, the auction will automatically be extended by 15 minutes to give other users time to match your offer.


Wait for the auction to end

The auction ends once there’s no one else placing higher bids, and you finally own that Secret NFT! You’ll see a notification in the upper corner confirming you’re the new owner.


Enable permissions & view your new NFT

You need to enable permissions to view your Secret NFT:

  • Go to your dashboard, which you can find in your profile section (just click on the user icon in the top-right corner)
  • Once here, click on ‘Add Collection’ to enable permissions

Now you can finally see your most recent NFT obtained by auction!

Now you're ready to use Stashh!

As you’ve seen, Stashh provides an easy and intuitive way to buy and sell private NFTs. Stashh is continuously improving existing features as well as adding new ones, like Secret Badges.

If you want to learn more, visit the Stashh website. For further support, visit their Discord.

For more detailed information on what’s possible with Secret NFTs, check out our article on Secret NFTs.