Secret Network at ETHDenver 2024

Secret Network is headed to Denver for a week of #BUIDLing, networking, and educating the Ethereum community on the power of confidential computation. Come see us at our booth, our hackerhouse, or one of several side events we’ll be attending!

ETHDenver Booth

February 29th - March 3rd

Throughout the entire week we’ll have people at the Secret Network booth at the main ETHDenver event building. Come chat with us, learn about the opportunities that Secret Network provides, and pick up some Secret swag!

Secret Hackerhouse

February 26th - March 3rd

We’re hosting a hackerhouse from February 26th to March 3rd. Come build with us and get 1-on-1 help from experienced Secret Network developers! We’ll also be presenting workshops throughout the week on specific topics relating to developing privacy-preserving web3 applications. 


February 23rd - March 3rd

Throughout the entire ETHDenver event, attendees have the opportunity to participate in the “#BUIDLathon”, which is ETHDenver’s version of a hackathon. As a sponsor, Secret Network is submitting a bounty for this hackathon, titled “Confidential Computation Through Cross-Chain Communication”.  We’ll be hosting a workshop for this bounty on February 24th at 1pm local time. More information is available on the ETHDenver website!

Encryption Day

February 28th, 10am – 4pm local time

Join us along with many other leaders in the space for a day of engaging discussions on working with encrypted data in web3. Projects including Polygon, Flashbots, Fhenix, Eigenlayer, Starkware, Celestia, Quantstamp, Bankless, and Zama will be present. The full speaker schedule is available on the website.


February 28th, 12pm - 10pm local time

ATOMDenver² is set to be the biggest ATOMxyz event yet. In collaboration with our supporters and partners, Akash Network, Polymer, Soarchain, Strangelove, Zellic, KYVE, Agoric, cheqd, Passage, Noble, Comdex, ZetaChain, Warden Protocol and Archway, we’re co-hosting ATOMDenver², which is going to be a full-day event. Expect engaging panels, insightful keynotes, a fun gameshow, delicious food, and plenty of refreshments!

Beyond ZK: TEEs for Privacy in Web3

February 29th, 4pm - 8pm local time

​Join us for in-depth panel discussions about the limitations of zero knowledge, the case for TEEs (trusted execution environments), and how to strengthen the security of TEEs by combining them with additional methods of encryption. This will feature speakers from Secret Network, Oasis Network, Phala Network, and more!


March 1st, 6p - 10pm local time

Meet and mingle with leading experts, builders, and visionaries in the Cosmos ecosystem over drinks and bites. At this intimate in-person event hear from a hand-picked panel of Cosmos builders and experts in thought-provoking discussions on the future of interoperability, sovereignty, and more. Connect with like-minded Web3 enthusiasts who share a passion for a more privately open, connected DeFi experience.

Infra Gardens Denver

March 2nd, 2pm - 7pm local time

Come network with founders, builders and developers from across ecosystems, as we discuss topics relating to web3 infrastructure. Topics include “The rise of TEE in DePIN”, “Building the decentralized identity layer of web3”, and “Interoperability from an infra and middle layer perspective”.

We'll see you there!