Build more with privacy

Secret Network is the first blockchain with private-by-default smart contracts. Encrypted inputs, outputs, and state can be revealed at will, opening up an entirely new design space for dApps.

Why Build on Secret Network?

Be a pioneer

Explore the possibilities of customizable privacy and build groundbreaking apps in areas ranging from finance to gaming.

Make an impact

Build towards a better web by creating decentralized solutions that protect & empower users.

Built-in Interoperability

With Cosmos IBC & bridges to 4+ ecosystems (and counting), apps built on Secret Network can be used by billions of users all across Web3.

Get funding

Our grant program is designed to provide the financial support needed for your dApp to succeed.


Dive in with Secret Pathways

Pick your pathway and get ramped up to start building. We curated a list of resources to suit each developer’s journey to coding genius.

Learn the Fundamentals

Get to know the ins and outs of Secret Network’s tech stack.


Quickly get up to speed on what Secret is all about.

Use Cases

Discover the use cases Secret’s privacy-preserving smart contracts enable.

Blockchain Design

Learn how Secret works on the consensus, network, and application layer.

Privacy Technology

Get to know Secret’s privacy-preserving features and how you can use them.

Secret Contracts

Learn all about Secret Contracts & how to set them up.

Ecosystem Overview

An overview of all the Secret apps, tools, and resources you might need.


Design Smart Contracts

Start creating and deploying privacy-preserving smart contracts.

Getting Started

Get easy step-by-step instructions to start developing on Secret Network.

Development Concepts

Additional concepts & templates to make building on Secret easier


A set of Rust packages with common tools to develop Secret Contracts.

Project Template

Quickstart template to get started writing your own CosmWasm contracts.


Core workflows for smart contract development and deployment on Secret and Cosmos-based platforms.


Build Secret Apps

Create an interface for your private dApp and connect it to a Secret Contract.


Speed up your Secret App interface building with this development framework.

Light Client

Let your app interact with nodes on the network using Secret CLI.

Secret Python

Flex your Python skills to build and test components of Secret Apps.


Connect your JavaScript interface to a Secret Contract with the SecretJS library.


Project management tooling and smart contract development framework.

Secret IDE

An all-inclusive environment for developing & deploying smart contracts on Secret Network.



The full guide to run your own node, become a Secret validator, and earn rewards while securing the network.

Ecosystem Overview

A living overview of all Secret Apps, tools, guides, and resources!


Read the official documentation on Secret contracts, clients, protocols, and more.


View the source code that powers the Secret Network blockchain.


Node Running

Flex your Python skills to build and test components of Secret Apps.

IBC Relayers

Learn how to set up and run an IBC relayer to facilitate communication with the wider Cosmos ecosystem.


Leverage Secret’s privacy features in your CosmWasm contracts.

Privacy as a Service (PaaS)

A technical deep-dive into providing privacy or added functionality to dApps in other ecosystems by leveraging Secret Contracts.

Secret VRF

An example of how to use Secret VRF to fetch random numbers via IBC, as well as a development playground for applications.


Bring your (biggest) ideas to life


Get non-dilutive capital to get your Secret idea off the ground and rapidly gain traction.

Have questions?

We have a dedicated community ready to help guide you along.

Cool stuff others built (on Secret)

Get started

Install a wallet, get SCRT, and stake it to earn rewards while securing the network.

Build on Secret

Use Secret’s privacy-preserving smart contracts to create powerful dApps and drive the adoption of the decentralized web.

Join the community

The Secret community is full of passionate users and builders that understand the necessity of privacy in Web3. Join the discussion and get involved!