The dCasino Incentivized Testnet is Coming Soon!

Help test out this video poker dApp, and earn credits for the mainnet launch!

Secret Network
March 22, 2024

Note: This blog post was written by the dCasino team. We’re featuring this post on the Secret Network blog to help bring exposure to their testnet announcement.

AART’s dCasino is almost ready for its mainnet release, starting with a classic old school favorite – video poker!

AART has stuck with the timeless blue CRT look, retro sounds, and minimalist controls and UI, while constantly experimenting with new bleeding edge technology, such as gas abstraction, wallet abstraction, and user aliases. Users will be able to quickly pick up how our video poker machine works and begin playing immediately after connecting!

Community input has always been important to the AART team; when we built black-jack, we developed the game around beta-testers’ feedback and experience. For this reason, we would love your feedback once again as we open our dCasino’s video poker to the public testnet just before we go mainnet on our first dCasino game.

We will run this short beta test for a few days, collecting feedback and suggestions from Monday March 25th through Wednesday March 27th . Any further feedback, suggestions, or kinks to iron out will be implemented throughout the rest of the week, and we are confident that we can release our first game for mainnet the following Tuesday, April 2nd!

As a token of our appreciation, the first 5 people to complete the beta test and give helpful feedback will automatically get 10 credits added to their account on mainnet release!

To get involved in our beta program, join our Discord at

– The dCasino Team

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