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How to Share Secret Token Data

With Secret Tokens, your data is encrypted and kept private on-chain. Still, you can always share token data with third parties, like your accountant or a compliance officer, if necessary.

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through several methods and best practices to gather your Secret Token details so you can share these with other trusted parties.

This guide will cover:

  • Potential issues with sharing viewing keys
  • Sharing details using CryptoClerk
  • Sharing details using the Trivium SNIP-20 tool
  • Sharing details using the btn.group transactions tool
  • How to deprecate a viewing key to revoke someone’s viewing access

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Potential issues with sharing viewing keys

One way to share your Secret Token data is to share your viewing keys, which third parties can use to look up your financial details.

However, we strongly recommend only sharing your Secret Token viewing keys when absolutely necessary. Instead, use your viewing keys to generate an overview of your financial details using the tools we’ll discuss below and share these.

This way, you maximize your privacy and security and save yourself the hassle of creating new viewing keys to revoke viewing access.

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Crypto Clerk

CryptoClerk is an all-in-one dashboard to manage your assets on Secret Network: your SCRT, staking rewards, Secret Tokens, and Secret NFTs.

Here’s how to use CryptoClerk to create a financial overview of your Secret Tokens.


Create a transaction overview for your Secret Token of choice

  • Click on the “Select Token” button
  • Select the Secret (SNIP-20) Token you’d like to get a transactional history of
  • Click on “Get Transaction History”

Tada 🎉 Now you have your full transactional history for this Secret Token. You can get the CSV file to share by clicking on the “Download [sToken] Transaction History” button.


The Trivium SNIP-20 tool

Trivium is another super easy tool to create transactional overviews of your Secret Tokens.

  • Open the Trivium SNIP-20 Tool
  • Click on the “Select Token” drop-down and choose the Secret Token you’d like to get a transactional overview of
  • Click on “Submit”

Now you should have an entire transactional overview of your Secret Token, including to and from addresses and amounts! You can export these as a CSV or JSON file by clicking on the respective buttons.


The btn.group Transactions tool

The third tool you can use to get a transactional overview of your Secret Tokens is the btn.group Transactions tool.

  • Go to the btn.group Transactions App
  • Select “SNIP-20” at the top
  • Click the drop-down menu and select the Secret Token you’d like to get a transactional history for
  • Input your wallet address—you can also automatically fill out your connected Keplr wallet address and viewing key by clicking on “Load From Keplr” next to the address bar
  • Input your viewing key for the Secret Token you selected. If you chose “Load From Keplr”, this field should fill out automatically

Can’t connect your Keplr wallet?

Here are the steps to find your appropriate viewing key:

  • Open your Keplr browser extension
  • Make sure you selected “Secret Network” at the top
  • Click on the menu in the top left corner
  • Select “Token List”
  • Click the “copy” icon next to the Secret Token you need the viewing key for—this will copy the viewing key to your clipboard

Once you’ve filled out all your details, click the “Search” button. You should now see an overview of all your transactions with that specific Secret Token!

How to deprecate a viewing key and revoke someone’s viewing access

If you shared your viewing key with someone and want to revoke their viewing access to your token details, you can simply create a new viewing key for that specific Secret Token and the old one will become unusable!

💡Check out this article to learn various methods of creating new viewing keys.

Want to learn more?

That’s it! Now you know how to share your Secret Token data with third parties, allowing you to take full advantage of their benefits.

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