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Decentralized and Private Infrastructure: The Safest Path for AI

Did you know AI has a faster adoption curve than any technology in history?

ChatGPT had over 100 million active monthly users just two months after launch. Consumers are giddy over the capacity AI has to revolutionize their work. But many are blind to the origins of OpenAI.

In 2015, OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT) began as an open-source, non-profit - largely funded and spearheaded by Elon Musk. Today, they are for-profit, closed source, and Microsoft receives 75% of their profits up to 10 billion. Microsoft Azure’s cloud services host all of ChatGPT’s data.

Many people have lamented Big Tech’s control over the internet. Are we about to make the same mistake with AI?

Decentralizing AI technology offers a different path.

Five reasons why AI should be on the blockchain

1. Blockchain is resistant to malicious actors

Instead of centralized servers with a single point of attack, blockchain distributes the complete data set for the system to all participating nodes.

2. AI should be open-source

Many AI controversies concern biases in the data, like Apple’s smart credit card that gave women lower credit scores and loans, and users have also detected strange biases in ChatGPT.

But algorithmic bias is less likely when everyone has visibility into the code, i.e., when it’s open-source—one of the main pillars of crypto. And that has always been the original ethos of crypto.

3. AI should build for compatibility with Web3

…rather than focusing on Web2. The Web3 market is booming and expected to reach an expected value of over 44.2 billion in USD by 2030. And over 44% of the top 100 public companies use blockchain technologies.

As Web3 is rapidly growing and has the potential to power a more robust, inclusive, and empowering internet, that’s where AI should settle in.

4. Blockchain-based AI creates verifiability around the source of deepfakes

Global AI experts have been talking about the threat of deep fakes for years. A deep fake is when AI is able to create false video or audio from a person who never did or said that thing. And experts tell us it’s only a matter of time before deep fakes create economic loss, political damage, and legal fallout.

How does blockchain-based AI change this? If a deep fake is generated on-chain, there is a source for the information. There’s a decentralized ledger for the data and we can prove its veracity or falsehood.

5. Decentralizing AI fosters innovation, inclusion, and shared ownership

Teams build better projects faster in competitive, open-source environments.

Let’s contrast OpenAI with SingularityNET. SingularityNET is decentralized and believes that there won’t (or at least shouldn’t) be one artificial intelligence that reigns supreme. Instead, different AI models with varying skills can combine in a sort of “AI soup” to form the best possible super-intelligence.

In a decentralized approach, passionate community members can share ownership, contribute, and improve these applications.

Why AI needs blockchain privacy as well

The blockchain world has already woken up to the fact that the privacy narrative will be a huge driver in the next bull run. And AI is a powerful use case for privacy.

AI systems need access to large amounts of data to learn, but this data must remain secure and private—especially sensitive user data.

Most blockchains are public by default, which means users can view all data on a public ledger. But blockchains like Secret Network have private smart contracts that encrypt and protect data by default.

This means developers could build any AI application on the blockchain without sacrificing data privacy and user protection.

What’s next for AI?

Blockchain solutions are a better path forward for AI. But decentralization isn’t enough. We also need builders and users to value privacy.

Blockchain privacy solutions like Secret can be the key to unlocking safer and more empowering AI solutions that benefit not only the big companies but all of us.

Whatever comes next with AI, Secret has an excellent toolkit to create a responsible infrastructure.