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SGX Compliance

The Secret Network has the requirement of running a compliant SGX enclave in order to successfully deploy a full node or a Secret Node. This page will go over the supported hardware and cloud providers. If you'd like to contribute more options please make a pull request or join us in the the infrastructure room.

CPU Support

You must use a Xeon Processor that supports SGX via SPS. Here is a list of working processors. Substitute at your own risk.

  1. E-2276G
  2. E-2278G
  3. E-2288G
  4. E-2176G
  5. E-2178G
  6. E-2188G

Motherboard Support

SuperMicro motherboards. 1. X11SCZ-F 2. X11SCM-F 3. X11SCZ-F 4. X11SSL-F

Cloud Support

Note: Not all offerings from these providers will work with SGX. Be sure to pay attention to the instance you are purchasing and if you have any questions ask in the infrastructure room.

  1. Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing
  2. Alibaba Cloud (Note: Requires passport information from participants.)
  3. Psychz
  4. c3.small

Non-working Hardware

This is a list of hardware that does not work even though they advertise SGX support.

  1. Intel NUCs 8, 9, 10th generation.
  2. Dell Poweredge Servers
  3. OVH Coffee-Lake CPU offerings